Friday, October 29, 2010

My Bad Luck Lately & Pneumonia

When I started this blog a couple of weeks ago i had every intention of starting off strong.  I wanted to post several times every day however; my keyboard broke and i have not  had time to purchase one, due to the fact my oldest son has had walking pneumonia and has been very ill.  Now my husband is very sick and i am hoping my 6 month old baby does not get ill as well as my 23 month old.  My 6 month old nephew just got out of the hospital after being hospitalised and on breathing tubes due to pneumonia.  With school brings just about every virus and bacteria there is!

My son started off with what we assumed was just a common cold but slowly got worse.  He started having sensitivity to smells which also slowly got worse and turned into vomiting that got so bad he couldn't even hold down liquids. After a week we called the advice nurse and she scheduled us a call from the doctor on duty.  He was just going to prescribe him some nausea medicine so we called back and made him schedule us an appointment.  On our first visit we learned nothing more than he still had asthma. 
He was prescribed some inhalers and sent home.  By the next day he could not even hold water down so back to the doctor we went.  After getting an x-ray of his lungs, the doctor concluded that he has walking pneumonia!  So after that he received a shot in each butt cheek and had to wait for twenty minutes to make sure that he didn't have an allergic reaction.  After that we were off to the pharmacy to get his anti-nausea pills.   

That was on Monday and it is now Friday.  He still has A very congested cough but got his appetite back.  Now my husband is very ill with: chills, a fever, obsessively sweating and clamminess, sore achy muscles, fatigue and a bad cough.  I am hoping and praying my youngest ones do not catch it.  My husband called the Doctor and he seems to think that it is just a virus...i don't know bout that!

I did a little web research on it and i would like to let everyone know a little more about t so they will be able to recognize it too.  Please keep in mind i am not in the medical field nor am i a doctor.   I am simply just trying to help people recognize the symptoms. Pneumonia is usually caused by a bacteria, but can be caused by viruses and other things too.  Having another lung disease, such as asthma, may make you more at rik to get pneumonia. Walking Pneumonia is a mild type of pneumonia and a lot less severe than regular pneumonia.  Walking Pneumonia is contagious, therefore; you should avoid contact with anyone you suspect has this condition that is if it's at all possible.  Also in a lot of cases you body may be able to fight it off by itself. 
Symptoms of Pneumonia can include:
* Mucous producing cough (sometimes yellow or green in color)
*Shaking Chills
*Loss of Appetite
*Fatigue, Weakness, and low energy
*Sweating and Clamminess
*Pain in the chest
*Shortness  of Breath
*Confusion, especially in the elderly
Pneumonia is a respiratory condition that causes inflammation in the lungs.  If you suspect you have this condition you should immediately call your doctor.
 Symptoms of Walking Pneumonia  can include:
*Cold that progressively gets worse in the lungs
*Sudden Chills
*Mild to Severe headache
*Sore Throat
*Runny Nose
*Sometimes patients may experience shallow rapid breathing