Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Top Pick for Baby Bottles Goes to....

MAM!  While pregnant with my third child i received a free Mam bottle.  I bought many different brands for him to try but he liked Mam the best.  First of all they have adorable designs unlike most bottles on the market today.   The boys bottles are decorated in tints of blue with stars and circles that are adorable!  The girls bottles are also very decorative with circles and flowers in tints of pink.    The nipple provides an orthodontic shape that is perfect for transitioning from the breast to the bottle.
My favorite feature is that it has a valve that contains a seal to help prevent leakage.  This also makes for harder work during bottle cleaning but it is worth the little bit of extra effort.  I also really like that it has an anti colic feature.  My son had no problem burping or spitting up while using the Mam bottles.  The wide openings on to the bottles make for easier cleaning.  They are BPA ,  PVC ,  Phthalate,   and lead free.  I would recommend trying them out and seeing how your little one likes it.  My baby loves them!