Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tom's of Maine Toothpaste Sample *EXPIRED*

Go to and fill out a short form to receive a sample of Tom's of Maine Wicked Fresh toothpaste.  Free sample should arrive within 4 weeks.  This is another Walmart freebie.   I recently tried Tom's of Maine Natural toothpaste and i could not tell that it was natural.  I was a bit sceptical to try it at first because i usually don't tend to like the taste of natural toothpaste but i was pleasantly surprised by the taste of the toothpaste!  Usually with natural toothpaste it does not taste that great but Tom's of Maine toothpaste does!  It has a cool peppermint flavor that works wonders on your breath.    If i were to compare it to Burt's Bee's i would have to say Tom's of Maine is by far the better of the two.  Tom's of Maine whitens and freshens your breath while fighting cavities with fluoride toothpaste.