Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sucre Chocolates

Sucre is a sweet boutique located at 3025 Magazine Street in New Orleans.  If you are ever in the area,  it is definitely worth visiting.  You may also purchase them online at http://www.shopsucre.com/  Sucre is french for sugared.  They offer appealing hand crafted chocolates and gourmet gifts  in a variety of flavors.  From french macaroons to confections such as gourmet drinking chocolate and specialty candy bars, Therese something to tickle every ones  fancy.  There chocolates come in a six, fifteen, or a 21 piece box which is fancily wrapped with a brown bow.  Sucre products make fabulous gifts for all sweet lovers.  They offer a flat shipping rate of $9.95 and includes crush free proof trays and also ice packs, when necessary.  All packages shipped from Sucre arrive in one to three days anywhere in the U.S.
    I reviewed there Nola Chocolate collection that came in a 21 piece box.  After unwrapping the brown bow i anxiously opened the box to find twenty one hand crafted chocolates that looked just as delightful as they tasted.  After admiring them for a while i decided to try one.  The first one that i grabbed was called Chicory.  It really grabbed my attention because it is covered in gold flakes.  As i bit down i noticed the smooth dark chocolate ganache paired with the flavor of coffee.  This one is by far a coffee lovers dream!  Secondly i tried a Mueniere which had gold hints to it and a pretty design.  It offers brown butter folded into white chocolate ganache, coated in dark chocolate  This one was by far my favorite chocolate.  Next i tried the Blange which really intrigued me due to it's rich swirls of white and yellow colors.  I found this flavor to be very unique from the rest.  It was covered in white chocolate and tasted of banana with a light hint of rum.  It was very unusual but at the same time very intriguing.  Next i tried the Magnolia.  It was topped with a pecan and tasted of dark chocolate with heavenly pecan ganache.  Last but not least i bit into an Avery chocolate. It tasted of Carmel milk chocolate ganache wrapped in dark chocolate topped off with a touch of salt.