Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Ideas and Sites

If your like me and you have a house full of sick ones you will probably not wanna go out.  We will be spending Halloween carving jack-o-lanterns, sipping on hot apple cider and eating stew in a pumpkin.  If you are still not sure of what to do this Halloween, i have put together a list of ideas and helpful sites to visit.
  1. Visit your local pumpkin patch and buy a large enough pumpkin to make stew in a pumpkin.  Both kids and adults love the idea of enjoying stew from a pumpkin.  It makes the perfect Halloween supper.  If you need the recipe it is located in one of my older posts.
  2. Decorate your front door and hand out trick and treats to the trick or treaters.  Get creative, instead of candy you could hand out mini play dough or green filled Twinkies.
  3. Go to a haunted house.
  4. Find a local Church event to take your child to.  I did this  one year and the kids loved it.  Everything was totally free too!  They had different trick or treat stations that were all festively decorated.  Also lots of activities, games and prizes.
  5. Visit for the spookiest recipes such as there creepy crawly cake or check out there recipe for candy corn cheesecake.
  6. If you want some great Halloween craft ideas, head on over to
  7. Why not carve a jack o lantern.  Here is a site you can go to and print free pumpkin patterns.
  8. Still haven't purchased your costume yet?  Why not make your own!  Check out
  9. For over all ideas for Halloween visit
Have fun and be safe! Happy Halloween!