Thursday, December 16, 2010

ECOVER Cleaner

I recently was sent a bottle of ECOVER Glass and Surface Cleaner to review.   ECOVER is a natural brand that is eco-friendly and offers Dishwashing,  Laundry,  Household,  and Personal Care cleaning products.  The best thing about ECOVER Glass and Surface Cleaner is that it is totally safe to use around food!  This is a big plus for me because i like keeping my children as safe as possible and ECOVER definitely helps! ECOVER Glass and Surface cleaner is also safe for your septic tanks.   It has a light lemon scent that i particularly like.  It is not a strong and overbearing scent like so many other cleaning products on the market probably due to the fact that it's fragrance comes from plant based ingredients.   It works great for cleaning windows,  mirrors,  glass,  and chrome. 

ECOVER offers a streak free technology, which makes using it to clean more efficient.  The Company does not test on animals and besides that their bottles are one hundred percent biodegradeable making them eco-friendly for the enviroment and our childrens futures.   The ECOVER Glass and Surface cleaner easily cuts through grime and grease leaving your surfaces clean.  I used some of the Glass and Surface cleaner on my bathroom counters and it worked wonderfully!  You simply spray it lightly over the surface and wipe it clean.  You can purchase ECOVER products online or in store.  I did a local search for the retailers that sell it and found a few very close in my area.  Raleys and Whole Foods Co.  sell them...just to name a couple! 
Here is the before picture:
And here is the after picture:

*Disclosure-  I received a product to possibly review.  In no way did it alter my opinions of their products.  All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*


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Ecover said...

Thanks for giving Ecover's Glass and Surface Cleaner a try! We're glad it worked well on your counters and that you liked its light lemon scent. Enjoy your clean home ... and have a happy holiday!
-Deb for Ecover