Friday, December 17, 2010

Pet Cakes

I recently had the opportunity to review Pet Cakes Toys.  They are adorable plush pets that fit perfectly into their cupcake holders.  Kids love Cupcakes and Puppies so whats better than Puppies in a Cupcake!  Series one consists of:
Blueberry Buddy- A plush Shar Pei with a blue frosting hat  and a cherry on top!
Randy Candy- A plush Mutt with a green frosting hat w/ a cherry on top ina pink cupcake holder.
Coco Coconut-  A plush Poodle with a light pink frosting and a cherry on top.
Twinkle Sprinkles-  A plush Beagle with a Pink frosting hat and sprinkles, topped off with a cherry.

Their names are just as adorable as their looks!  My sons loved the idea of being able to store his "pet"  in a cupcake holder.  The cupcake holder is constructed strong and sturdy which makes it very durable.  My sons favorite Cupcake Pet is Bluebery Buddy(pictured below) which keeps him entertained for quite a while. 

I gave the more girly Cupcake Pets to girls at his Birthday Party.  The Cupcake Pets kept the girls entertained at the party and they loved them!  Cupcake Pets make great favors,  stocking stuffers,  rewards,  or gifts for children ages three and older.  They would make a cute theme for a Birthday Party with Cupcake Pets as favors and Cupcakes instead of cake!  They retail for $13.99 and can be found at many stores including:  Toys R Us, Amazon,  and Fao Schwarz, just to name a few!  Be on the look out for a new line of Pet Cakes that will be realeased in 2011.  Their new line of Cupcake Pets includes plush characters such as Rabbits,  Racoons,  Bears and Kittens.

*Disclosure-  I recieved the entire first series of Cupcake Pets to possibly review.  In no way did this alter my opinion of their products.  All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*


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