Sunday, December 12, 2010

Happy 27th Birthday Party For My Hubby- Rico's Pizza

Rico's Pizza
At the end of last month i threw a party for one of my sons on Thanksgiving and then i turned around and threw a party for my mother and now with my husbands Birthday and one of my other sons Birthday approaching i knew i had to do something simple and easy for my Husbands Birthday.  I called around and soon found a great place to have a cheap but fun Birthday for my Husband.  Rico's Pizza in Sacramento,  California offers a fabulous Party Package!  The Birthday Package consists of A twenty six inch one topping Party Pizza(one of the biggest in town!),  12 small soft serve beverages(unlimited),  and balloon set up.  And best yet it only ran me about forty two bucks.  I figured how could i go wrong with pizza and beer for the adults and Pizza and arcade games for the kids!  They also had a huge big screen t.v.,  a Jukebox,  and pinball machines.  The kids had a blast while the adults did too!  Not to mention their pizza is one of the best in town.   
(Above) My two oldest having a blast playing on all the rides! What a cheap form of entertainment!
I ordered his cake from Safeway.  I decided to go with a "fishing man" theme and a Cupcake Cake instead of a regular cake.  I figured it would be easier serving a cupcake cake at the pizza parlor instead of trying to cut and serve regular cake.  It came with a whipped Butter cream frosting that was thick and yummy.  I decided to go with Safeway's Bakery because their staff are always knowledgeable and friendly and go out of their way just to help you.  I also love their selection of cakes that they offer.  The Cupcake Cake was very affordable at only twenty two dollars.   
Here is a shot of the Birthday Boy(my husband) and one of his buddies enjoying a brew together.  How perfect for a guys Birthday Party. 
There was plenty of entertainment for both the adults and children so i did not have to entertain my guests nor did i have to decorate!  This is by far the easiest and most affordable party i have had yet! 


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