Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Latest Deals and Finds while Shopping

So i have been getting my Christmas shopping done here and there and i am still not finished.  And im scared to think that i havent even wrapped one gift yet!  I have so much to do and so little time! I will share with you the deals i got while out and about shopping over the weekend.
My first stop was Kohls,  where i found some great deals on Christmas items.  Alot of the Christmas products were discounted so i couldnt pass them up.  Below is my Christmas bargains from Kohl's

I just love the Cupcake Candle Holder.  I also thought the initial candle was cute as well.  They were 70% off the original price which was $10.00 so i picked them up for only $3 each.  I originally went to Kohl's because i saw a blog post about a cute pair of Toddler Chuck Taylors with Dr. Suess One Fish, Two Fish theme on them.  I luckily found my sons size which is an eight right now.  Here is a picture of the adorable shoes that were on sale for $23.99...

When i checked out the woman at the register let me help myself to as many FREE boxes that i wanted so i grabbed about eight of them.  After leaving Kohl's i was on my way to The Childrens Place where i found this awesome shirt...

I fell in love with this shirt from the Children's Place.  This shirt screams "too cool for school".  It only cost $7.50, it wasnt on sale but its so cute, how could i pass it up.  I spent the next twenty minutes looking all over the store for a couple more but it turned out to be a older style and was the last one left.  That was a bummer because i wanted to purchase them for my youngest son and my nephew.  Oh well, i was off to the next store which turned out to be Bed,  Bath and Beyond which yielded a dollar deal.  They had scented hand soaps for only $1.  My favorite is sugar vanilla so i picked up a couple to throw in gift bags with other gifts.  I also picked up a fresh cotton scented one as i loved the scent!  After that i headed to Target where i was hoping to pick up a few deals from the dollar bins but arrived there and was dissapointed when i saw some $5 stuffed animals in the bins and barely any dollar deals.  Oh well...i noticed a sale on womens gloves, a two pair pack for only $1.  They had a wide selection of colors but i went with a basic black with stitching on them.  These make great "extra" gifts to throw in a bag.  Below is a picture of the gloves from Target and the hand soap from Bed, Bath and Beyond
Last but not least i headed to Old Navy.  I saw some great deals advertised in my local Sunday paper so i wanted to check them out.  Like usual...they were out of alot of the styles and prints in the sales ad but i was lucky to find some great bargains there.  Right now they have some great bargains for only $5.  Here is what i purchased:

The PJ bottoms at the top of the picture only cost me $5 each so i had to pick up a couple.  The Old Navy shirt only cost $5 as well.  Below the shirt is a shirt i picked up for my youngest son on clearance for only $2.47.  To the side of it is an adorable long sleeve Christmas shirt for little girls that only cost me $1.99 so i picked up a couple for my nieces.  The Old Navy Fleece at the bottom of the picture only cost me $5 which is such a good deal.  To the side of it is a few pair of Old Navy boxers which only ran me $2.50 each.  I also used a 30% off an item coupon that i found on the sales ad which saved me about a buck or so.  All together i only paid $36, now thats a deal! 


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