Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tissues for your Babies Teeth

 I recently tried Tooth Tissues which are dental wipes for babies and toddlers.  They were invented by two dentists,  Dr. Jon and Dr. Grace.  They wanted to make a product that would help keep their babies teeth strong and ended up coming up with the concept to make tooth tissues!  Tooth tissues are a lot like a baby wipe but made for babies teeth instead.  They are 99 percent natural and contain no Fluoride or Paraben.  Tooth Tissues are formulated with a natural cavity fighter called Xylitol which helps keep babies teeth and gums strong and healthy.  Tooth tissues work by removing plaque from your babies teeth and gums.  They can be used until your babies back molars arrive which is usually around sixteen months.  They come in a pack of thirty and retail for around six dollars. 
I used Tooth Tissues on my 2 year old and on my youngest son.  They were very easy to use on my youngest son and surprisingly he did not try to bite me.  They were a little harder to use on my two year old because he was not use to having tissues in his mouth but he soon got use to them too!  They left his teeth feeling smooth and shiny.  I keep them in the diaper bag so when one of the kids needs to brush their teeth and their toothbrush isn't handy,  we just grab a couple Tooth Tissues and next thing you know, their teeth are sparkly clean!  The only thing i did not like about them was the scent which just did not appeal to me.  They are very convenient and come in handy.  You can visit their site at to learn more about their product.

*Disclosure- Tooth Tissues sent me a sample to do a possible review of their products.  In no way did it alter my opinion of their products.  All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.


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