Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pantzies For Your Panties

I recently stumbled upon an interesting site called Hy Jean Inc.  They sell a product called Pantzies.  At first glance i was unsure what they were.  After reading more about them i gathered that they are fancy panty liners.  They are not just any type of panty liner either!  Besides the fact that they have totally awesome designs in bright colors and styles,  they are also reusable!  Yes...i said it,  reusable!  They can be hand washed in your panties and then line dried which makes them cheaper than regular liners and also eco friendly.   They are sold in a box that contains 16 liners and retail for $7.95 per box.  They use the same jersey knit fabric that can be found in underwear,  bathing suits,  and workout wear.  Pantzies come in 4 fashionable fun prints and are very comfortable and dry quickly.  They have two different type of Pantzies, a thong shaped Pantzie and a Panty shaped Pantzie.  So no matter if you are wear panties or thongs,  they have a shape to fit you!  Another great reason to wear Pantzies is that they are water resistant so you can even wear them while swimming!  The fabric is sanitized because they use a  anti bacterial compound which makes them safe.  They can also be worn sideways in work out wear to avoid panty lines.  So what are you waiting for ladies...visit http://hyjean.com/ and find out more about their products!

*Disclosure- Hy Jean Corp sent me some samples in order for me to do a possible review of their products. In no way did it alter my opinions of their product.  All opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*


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WOW these are cool...I'll have to go check them out :)

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