Friday, January 28, 2011

Celebrate Mardi Gras with Community Coffee Kings Cakes!!!

Community Coffee uses quality 100 percent Arabica Beans,  selected my the Saurage Family,  to create delicious blends of coffee.  For four generations,  the Saurage Family has owned and operated the company that is located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  The company was discovered in 1919 when Henry Norman "Cap" Saurage discovered making the coffee in his Country Store,  located near Baton Rouge.  He named his coffee "Community" in honor of his community and friends.  In 1941, Cap's son purchased purchased the companies first coffee roaster so that they could roast their own coffee which ensured quality.

Community Coffee sells Gourmet Coffee,  Tea,  Tumblers,  Coffee Machines  and Assorted Gifts and Gift Baskets.  The Gift Baskets come with assorted items from their store and make a wonderful gift!  If you join their FREE Coffee Club you will receive a FREE gift and receive 10% off every order.  You will also be able to chose your coffee and frequency of shipment so that way you will never run out of your favorite brand of coffee!  You can cancel or change your order at any time which also makes it very convenient to join.

Community Coffee kindly sent me one of their Cream Cheese King Cake's to review.  I was extremely excited to have the opportunity of reviewing  their Cream Cheese King Cake,   as i have always heard about these type of pastries,  but have never got the opportunity to try any until now!     The Cream Cheese King Cake came in a festively decorated cake box.  Before i opened the it,  i could smell the sweet scents escaping from the box.    The Cream Cheese King Cake came with a Plastic Mardi-Gras Cup,  Beads,  Community 12 ounce Cafe Special Coffee and a Community Coffee Magnet. 

Tradition goes that the person who receives the "baby" in their cake,  must buy the next cake or host the next party!  Yes,  that's right!  Each cake contains a baby that is inserted into the cake!  So i figured i wouldn't get the full experience of the Kings Cake,  unless i played the game!  I played it with some of my family members that were more than willing to participate.    Well,  sure enough,  in the last piece was the baby,  because we did not receive it in any of ours,  so i guess everyone got lucky this time!   This cake really ties in the Mardi Gras Tradition and would be a wonderful addition and hit at any Mardi Gras party.

The first thing that caught my eye was the Bright Mardi Gras themed colors on the icing!
  1. Purple- (Justice)
  2. Green-(Faith)
  3. Gold-(Power)
As soon as i bit down on my first bite,  i noticed how incredibly moist the cake was.  All the other people, that were enjoying it with me,  also agreed!  The Cream Cheese King Cake has swirls of cinnamon and is filled with delicious Cream Cheese.  Ya,  i know...yumm!  The icing is very sweet and is brightly colored in the" Mardi Gras" theme.   Cream Cheese King Cakes serve approximately 12 people.  It is very sweet,  so small servings are best when serving this type of cake!

 I served mine with a nice cup of hot,  Cafe Special Coffee and it made the perfect duo!  This is definitely the kind of cake that you want to pair with coffee.  Use the beads to decorate the cake to really make it stand out!  I added my magnet (i received in the package)to my refrigerator,  along with my other collection of magnets.  And the plastic"Mardi Gras" cup, quickly  found a home in the possession of my 7 year old son , who loves the bright colors!  The King Cakes come from Marguerite's Cakes and are shipped (free of charge)Mon-Thursday,  Next Day Air to your home or office in the contiguous U.S.  Community Coffee is unable to ship to Alaska,  Hawaii,  or internationally.

King Cakes are available in three different flavors:
  1. Traditional King Cake- Cinnamon and "Mardi Gras" Color Themed Icing. ($55.95) 
  2. Cream Cheese King Cake- Cinnamon,  Cream Cheese and Mardi Gras" Color Themed Icing.($62.95)
  3. Cajun Praline King Cake- Cream Cheese and Toasted Pecans covered with Caramel and Pecan Praline Icing.($65.95)

Community Coffee is also offering some other really great Mardi Gras products.  Be sure to check out their Carnival flavored coffee that is blended with Vanilla and Cinnamon.  A Mardi Gras Gift set includes a 12 ounce bag of Carnival Coffee,  along with a festive Mardi Gras Tumbler and Beads for only $ that would make a great gift!  They also have a similar set with a "New Orleans  theme".  



  Be sure to check out their Web Site, and follow them on their Twitter Page and on their Facebook Page too! 

*Disclaimer-  Community Coffee kindly provided me with a King Cake to review.  In no way did this alter my opinion of their products.  All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*


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