Thursday, January 27, 2011

I give Air Plus an A+

 Air Plus,   offers a plentiful line of foot care products that are designed just for women.  Some of the great products that they sell includes: Comfortable Foot Cushions,  Orthotics,  Aloe Socks  and some other great products for your shoes and feet!  I bought a pair of Aloe Infused Spa Socks last spring,  while  shopping for comfort items to put in my take along bag,  for my stay in the hospital.  I have C-Sections so any little thing that makes me feel better...helps with my recovery!  I was shopping at Walmart with my younger sister and she said she had picked up a pair for her friend and they worked well , so i had to try them out too!

They come in all different types of prints and colors including Solid Colors,  Stripes,  and Polka Dots.  The Pink socks are my personal favorite or the Purple Polka Dot Socks.  They are the softest socks i have ever felt!  They are thick and can be worn over and over again.  Just simply wash on gentle cycle in machine and dry on low.  Just make sure that you do not Iron,  Bleach,  or Dry Clean these socks. 

I felt like i had my feet on a cloud when i put these socks on!  They are perfect for Cold Winter months when you want to get your feet all nice and toasty.  Why are Aloe Socks Great?Because of what they are made out of!  Wondering what the Aloe Infused Socks are made out of?  So was i!  They are made out of:  Mineral Oil,  Coconut Oil and Aloe Barbadensis Extract!  No wonder why they are so soft,  these really aren't just any old socks,  they are Airplus Aloe Infused Spa Socks! 

I was very happy when i opened my package.  I loved their socks so i figured i would love their Spa Footies too,  and i did!  These are not as soft as the Aloe Infused Spa Socks but they do offer a more "snug" fit which makes them more comfortable while walking around the house in them.    I received a pair in the color Purple,  but they also offer the style in White and in Pink.    What makes them stand out is that their socks are made using Aloe infused fibers with Vitamin E to help moisturize your feet.  These socks really do help keep your feet feeling moisturized and soft!  I would not use them solely by themselves to help treat dry feet.  I would recommend using a moisturizer and then perhaps wearing the socks as well,  if you are currently trying to treat dry feet issues. 

These are a great item to take along with you when you are visiting someone who doesn't like shoes being worn in their house or somewhere you do not want to track in dirt.  They fit perfectly in your purse so you can take them along with you and have them available any time you may want to use them!  They were so fuzzy and felt great on my feet.  These are even better than slippers because  you do not have to constantly slip them on and off!  My older sister is a diabetic so her feet are always getting cold,  well these are the perfect socks for her!  They will keep her feet feeling nice and warm at the same time moisturized and soft! 

They are perfect for any time you just want to feel pampered.  I suggest slipping on a pair after getting a Pedi-Cure,  for extra pampering.   Or here's what i like to do when i have been on my feet all day-  Take a nice hot bath,  slip on a pair of Aloe Infused Socks or Footies and sip on some relaxing hot that's relaxing!  Air Plus Footies and Socks are great to wear to bed on cold nights,  just slip on a pair and you don't have to worry about cold feet. Footies will run you about $5.97 but are cheaper if you purchase them at Walmart.  If you haven't already make sure you pick up a pair to try for yourself...i will be visiting my local Walmart to purchase some soon!

*Disclaimer-  Air Plus provided me with a sample to possibly review.  In no way did this alter my opinion of their products.  All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*



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