Monday, January 17, 2011

(Etsy Review) From Beads 2 Jewellery!

I know most all of you  know about a site called Etsy, but up until a few months ago i had no clue about it!    It is a wonderful community of people who sell all types of fabulous handmade items and promotes individual creativity and craftsmanship.  Etsy is a marketplace for crafters,  artists,  and collectors to sell their homemade products,  crafting supplies and vintage goods.  As i searched the site, i was amazed at the amount of creative handmade products, sold on their site!   Because everything is homemade,  you can find so many unique products that you wouldn't be able to find elsewhere! 

I stumbled upon a site cute little site called Beads 2 Jewellery,  who sell Bracelets,  Necklaces,  Phone Charms and some other really great products.  What first attracted me to their site is that they specialize in character necklaces such as Hello Kitty and Betty Boop.!  If you didn't already know,  i am a huge fan of Betty Boop,  so when i saw the necklace...i instantly fell in love with it!  I browsed around her site and found some other awesome items, such as the set of bracelets that  she sent me to review.  She kindly provided me with three Glass Pearl Bracelets in three colors- Pink,  White,  and Lavender.  My favorite Bracelet was the Pink one as Pink is my favorite color. 

 Each of her handmade bracelets are made of glass pearls and elastic.  At first site you can tell she takes her time making each piece of handmade jewelery.  One of the best things about her shop is that the prices are very reasonable!  The 3 piece Glass Pearl Bracelet sets sell on her shop for only $9.00 plus $2 in Australia and $3 Anywhere else for shipping and handling charges.  Each bracelet ends up costing about $2.50 how much cheaper could you ask for!  The bracelets fit me perfectly and looked so good on my wrist.  Although i think it is best suited for a little girl,  it looked nice and dainty on my wrist as well! I love the fact that they can be worn by themselves or all at the same time,  but either way you wear them they still look great! 

They would make a perfect gift for a Flower Girl and you could even have your bracelet customized with certain colors and charms.  Just send her a message,  letting her know exactly what you would like and she will try her best to customize it to your liking.   I also think they would make great favors,  a great addition to a dress up collection,  a perfect Valentine's Gift or Birthday Gift for your daughter/granddaughter,   or for any other Special Occasion.  Because the bands are made out of elastic,  they are stretchy,  making it easy to slip them on and off and stay on securely without sliding off.   Below is some images of her other items that look awesome,  i did not have the chance to review them but they are worth a mention.
The Betty Boop Necklace (pictured on the Left) and the Pink and Black Necklace with Pretty Skull with Bow Bottle Cap Pendant(pictured on the right) would make a great gift for a teenage girl.  The vintage character on one and the bright colors and skull design on the other,  would especially be of interested to a teenage girl.  The Betty Boop necklace is actually one of my favorite pieces that she makes,  along with her selection of Hello Kitty that is absolutely adorable!  Below and to the side are some pictures of her Hello Kitty themed Character Jewelery,   that she sells on her shop.  Lets be honest both young girls and teenage girls alike  love the character Hello Kitty Character so these would make a great gift for any girl!

*Disclosure-  Beads 2 Jewellery kindly provided me with some samples to possibly review.  In no way did this alter my opinion of their products.  All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.* 


I'm just the MOM said...

OMG I love them! I love Hello Kitty and anything rock-ish looking like that pink skull!

gingerSnap said...

I love the betty boop necklace.
You can find a lot of nice things on Etsy.

Chara Lynn said...

ETSY is a fabulous site isnt it?! I do lots of reviews from there! I am following you from Monday hops. Hope you can stop by, follow, and become a loyal reader.
Blog looks great!
Stay Fabulous

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QueenB said...

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Those pieces are adorable!! I love the Hello Kitty- we're big fans

sarah said...

this stuff is all wicked awesome. ill be sure to visit the etsy page

Jenn said...

I absolutely love Etsy! I'm a long time buyer & seller. I've been working on wedding planning, and have been trying to choose a godo Etsy shop for getting some jewelry made. Thanks for your insightful reviews!