Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Thats nachomamatees!

You can probably tell by the name of the site that their products are Witty and humorous.  Nachomamatees is a sister site to Crazy Dog Tee Shirts and they are very similar to each other.  Recently i did a review of Crazy Dog Tee Shirts and now i have a chance to review a product i was sent from Nachomamatees.  Nachomamatees,  just like Crazy Dog Tee Shirts,  offer a wide range of humorously funny tee shirts!  Each day Nachomamatees offer a Daily Special Tee Shirt Deal for $6.99 or less. 

 Nachomamatees offer a number of Offensive,  Vintage,  and Movie tee-shirts in various colors and sizes to fit every ones personality to a tee.  I just love their 80's tee-shirts such as the "Truffle Shuffle" Tee-shirt,  if you are a kid of the eighties then you remember the "Goonie's"  Movie,  and the Character "Chunk"!  This is one of my favorite movies and i still watch it with my son,  ever so often!  Another one of their tee-shirts that i absolutely love is their  "Mario Warp Zone"  Tee Shirt which brings back memories of the good old days when video games were innocent and not violent. 

You can count on their shirts to bring you a smile on your face as they did mine!  Do any of you remember the movie "Gidget"?  Well,  here's one for all of you who remember the movie...

I just bought my oldest son the movie for Christmas and he really liked it!  How cute is this "Gizzy is the Shizzy"Shirt!  The shirt to the right(Boys Are Stupid,  Throw Rocks At Them!),  brings a smile to my face every time.  Most of Nachomama Tee Shirts are priced under $20,  making them very affordable.   I scoured their site for a while and finally ended up deciding to review the"Gingerbread Man"Tee Shirt because it added a little bit of my humor to the holiday season.  I requested it in a size Large so i could use it as a sleeping shirt.  I love sleeping in Big,  Baggy Tee shirts such as this one. 

The Tee-Shirt  was very  comfortable and fit me very well!   I was amazed at the amount of compliments i received anytime i wore this particular shirt.   This shirt represents my personality,  perfectly!  I was very pleased with this shirts quality.

*Disclosure- I received a couple free shirts in order to possibly review their products.  In no way did this alter my opinion of their products.  All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*



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sarah said...

some of these shirts are hilarious. my bf would totally wear something like this.