Thursday, January 27, 2011

Smiley Cookies Steelers Gift Packs

Next Sunday,   the Pittsburgh Steelers will play for a seventh championship and Steeler's fans couldn't be more excited!  That is why i am happy to announce that right now Smiley Cookies is offering three different Steelers Gift Packs: Steelers Playoff Gift Pack,  Rivalry Gift Pack and the Football Champions Gift Pack.  They cost $25.99 and include free shipping.  They also have a few other great Steelers items that cost under $22.00.

The Steelers Playoff Gift Pack includes: 
2 Dozen Steelers Smiley Cookies decorated in Yellow and Black Icing, and free shipping.
The Steelers Rivalry Gift Pack includes:
One Dozen Steelers Smiley Cookies, 6 White and Green Smiley Cookies, and 6 White and Gold Steeler Cookies and free shipping.
The Steelers Champions Gift Pack includes:  
One Dozen Steelers Smiley Cookies,  Steelers Terrible Towel and free shipping.

You can also purchase a Super Bowl Terrible Towel for only $12.99 which makes a perfect gift for a perfect Steelers fan!  My husband loves taking his Terrible Towel with him to his buddies house to watch the game.  Smiley Cookies make the perfect munchies for your Steelers Football party!  If you wont be having a party but would still like to munch on some you can buy a dozen of their Steelers Smiley Cookies for only $12.99! 

                       GO STEELERS!!!   BLACK AND YELLOW, BLACK AND YELLOW!!!


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Love this cookie pack - perfect for a Steelers fan!

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