Friday, February 4, 2011

ChopSaver Natural Lip Balm

ChopSaver was started back in 2004 when Dan Gosling heard that his friend has treated a severe lip injury with a herb called  arnica Montana.  He has been a professional Trumpet player for many years so he is overly familiar with chapping,  swelling and soreness of the lips.  He decided to create a product that would help soothe sore lips and keep them feeling their best so he came up with ChopSaver!  ChopSaver is an 100% all natural lip balm that contains Shea Butter,  Mango Butter ,Aloe,  Vitamin E,  Avocado,  Ginger,  Citrus Oils and some other healing ingredients.   It's secret mixture of herbs help heal and reduce swelling with a clean smelling scent. 

This is not your average lip balm!  ChopSaver is made using only the highest quality all natural ingredients which costs more than the usual lip balm.  Regular lip balms are nothing when compared to ChopSaver  lip balms.  They contain ingredients that the other brands just don't offer in their lip balms that is why it is priced slightly higher than the regular types of lip balm.  You can order ChopSaver Lip Balms on their Web Site or at music and specialty stores across the country.

I really liked the feel of the lip balm when i put it on my lips and rubbed them together.  It isn't greasy or overly waxy like some other lip balm brands.  It glided across my lips smoothly and didn't have to constantly be reapplied.  ChopSaver sent me two lip balms to try,  one of their ChopSaver Gold and their regular ChopSaver.  ChopSaver Gold contains a SPF which makes it perfect to wear during the day and the ChopSaver for musicians with lips is great to wear to bed at night. 

I really like the way the lip balm leaves my lips feeling soft and lubricated.  ChopSaver really helps protect my lips on cold days when they are vulnerable to the weather and can chap easily.  I just slather some ChopSaver Lip Balm on and relax.  I don't have to worry about sore,  dry,  cracked lips just as long as i use ChopSaver Lip Balm.  It has a nice light fragrance that is not overbearing or too strongly scented it actually smells fresh and leaves my lips feeling fresh at the same time!  I would definitely recommend using ChopSaver Lip Balms to anyone that wants to keep their lips protected and soothed.

*Disclaimer-  ChopSaver sent me a couple of their products to possibly review.  In no way did this alter my opinion of their products.  All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*


Kathryn said...

I've never seen/heard of this before! I'll have to tell my sister the musician/band teacher though, as I think she's been looking for something.

Ashleigh said...

Love natural chapsticks. Gotta check this out and try it! I'm following your blog now, please follow me back