Saturday, February 26, 2011

If your ever in Sacramento You should Visit Old Sac.

Old Sacramento is a wonderful place to visit!   It is located along the beautiful Sacramento River,  and is a 28 acre National Historic Landmark District and State Historic Park.    Old Sacramento offers a little bit of everything including Shopping,  Dining,  Entertaining,  Historical Attractions,  Museums and much more!  Bring your family and get ready to have lots of fun!

I usually visit Old Sacramento a couple of times a year.  While in Old Sacramento you can go on a coach ride,  which takes you around Old Sacramento or you can even take it to the State Capital.  There are tons of candy stores complete with barrels and barrels full of candy!  No matter if you are in the mood for a romantic dinner or dining on a river boat(Delta King)  you will find it in Old Sacramento.  Take a relaxing walk down by the beautiful American River or get your cartoon character picture drawn by one of the local businesses that can be found outside while your walking around the stores.

They offer some really unique stores too!  I find some of the most unique products while shopping in Old Sacramento.  They have a really neat Railroad Museum,  Old School House Museum and Old Wells Fargo History Museum.  While I'm visiting Old Sacramento , I usually always buy a Chocolate Covered Banana with Walnuts that tastes fabulous!  Within walking distance is an outdoor mall complete with a movie theatre,  lots of stores and more dining!

If you look very closely at this picture you will see that the chandelier is made out of glass bottles!  I walked in a small booth to use the ATM and as I looked up...this is what I saw!

So if you are ever in Sacramento be sure to visit Old Sacramento!  It is definitely worth a visit!


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