Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tru Moo

I am sure the majority of you have heard of House Party.  For all of you that have not,  I will briefly explain to you what House Party is all about.  Let me first say that this is probably the best site that I have ever found on the Internet!  House Party is basically thousands of parties across the country,  hosted by people just like you!   House Party hosts are provided with free party packs to share with guests at the party.  Each party is unique and focuses on certain brands and products (such as Gerber) from sponsors.

First sign up with their site.  Secondly,  browse their House Party Upcoming Events section and apply for as many as you would like.   When you apply to host a House Party,  you will be asked a variety of questions to make sure you will make a  "good fit" to host the particular party that you are applying for.  You are probably wondering why they would give this to you for free!  Well the answer is spread the word about their products while hosting the party and getting your guests to try out their products, which is a great way of marketing for the company.

Once you apply to host a party you will have to confirm your app. by clicking on the confirmation email.  That's it!  Lastly wait to see if you are one of the lucky people selected to host the party!  If you are selected you set up your party by setting up all the details,  emailing invitations,  uploading pictures,  and joining Party conversations!  The party packs usually arrive about a week before the party,  but each party arrival date and time varies from party to party!  I have been selected to host some awesome parties in the past including: Gerber,  Wizards of Waverly,  Sauza,  DiGiorno,  Green Works,  Durex,  American Ninja,  I Cant Belive its not Butter Bake Sale,  UV Safe and Bright House Party and recently a Tru Moo House Party!

I was super excited to host a Tru Moo Party for my sons and extended family!  Tru Moo provided me with the following items to make my party a success:
-$5 Visa Gift Card                -1 Tru Moo Apron                -1 Tru Moo Reusable Grocery Bag    
-15 Tru Moo Light up Fans  -15 Tru Moo Lunch Bags      -15 Tru Moo Sticker Sheets
-15 Crazy Straws                 -15 Tru Moo Coupons(for guests).

There was an issue with some of the fans overheating so we were advised not to use the fans.  This was the first time I have ever encountered any issues like this with my party pack.  Because there were plenty of fun stuff in the party pack the fans did not make a big difference although they were really cool!  Each fan lighted up with the saying "Tru Moo".  I actually tried some of them out and none of mine overheated however a couple stopped working within a day. 

The Tru Moo Party proved to be a big hit with the younger and older children,  not to mention...their parents!  The Goody Bags were super easy to put together because the party pack came with lunch bags, so there was no need to purchase favor bags!   At the party there were lots of Crafts,  Valentines,  Cow Food and Cow Themed Drinks and plenty of Deliciously healthy Tru Moo Milk!  I was very lucky to be able to host this awesome Tru Moo House Party.  Thanks House Party and Tru Moo for making this party possible.

*Disclaimer-  I was selected to host this party as a member of House Party and received free products.  In no way did this alter my onion of their brands/products.  All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*

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~HI, i'm already a follower but just linked up with the hop you are cohosting. I am doing a pull ups potty party for pull ups. Some great stuff came can't wait to have our little party.

I'm just the MOM said...

I've done i can't believe its not butter and durex too! I'm actually doing a 2nd durex one and the pullups potty training too :)
How fun for the kids!

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i just love house party

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Thanks for stopping by my blog. Following you back!