Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I have an idea! ... Bad Idea Tee Shirts!

Bad Idea T-Shirts is another great Tee Shirt site that I recently found.  I love to wear over sized Tee Shirts to bed,  matter of fact- I am always sneaking my husbands shirts to wear to bed!  I also wear tee shirts with jeans for a comfortable fit!  While shopping Bad Idea T-Shirts you will find a wide variety of awesome Tee Shirts to browse through.  All of their tee shirts are grouped in the following categories:  Just Added,  Funny,  Offensive,  Ladies,  TV/Movies,  Beer/Drugs,  Political,  Seasonal and Novelty.  I would have to say my favorite category is the TV/Movies section because I am a huge movie/TV type of person.

Bad Idea T-Shirts  let me choose a Tee Shirt to review!  After a long debate(with myself) I ended up choosing to review a shirt that just struck me perfectly!  Once I saw the shirt that reads "All Men are Idiots but I Married their King"...I knew I had to have it!  Okay... so maybe my husband isn't king of all idiots,  but once in a while it may sure feel that way though!   I do have to add that my husband did not agree with the saying on my shirt...hahahaha!!!

The shirt was very easy to order from their site.  The price of each shirt varies according to the style that you select.  There are many styles to choose from including Men's Styles,  Women's Styles and Hoodie Styles.  I know your probably thinking I chose a Tee Shirt from the Women's Section but Wrong!  I chose a long sleeve shirt which costs an extra $5.  Next I chose the color which was Gray and Black and last but not least the size of the shirt. 

I wore the shirt paired with a comfy pair of sweats to bed and slept so comfortably.  I also wore the shirt along with a pair of my favorite jeans and sneakers,  and stayed relaxed all day in my outfit! This definitely is not one of those thin shirts like some stores sell!  This is the type of shirt that is made out of thick sturdy quality material that will last you a while.  Each design is silk screened on 100 percent Cotton material.  I was very satisfied with the over all quality of their tee shirts.Bad Idea T-Shirts sell some really  Funny T-Shirts at very reasonable prices.  They  also sell  American Apparel T-Shirts.  Bad Idea T-Shirts offer giveaways on their Facebook Fan Page.

*Disclaimer-  I received a free product to possibly review from Bad Idea T-Shirts.  In no way did this alter my opinion of their products.  All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*


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