Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Review- Sweetly You

For a fun review for Valentine's Day I decided to post a review of a really awesome site called Sweetly You!  Sweetly You is a sweet site that offers many different Bath and Body products that can be customized with your favorite Sweetly You scents and themes.  One of my favorite things about their products besides being able to choose your desired scent,   is the fact that you can also include a bag of Jelly Belly's and will be able to choose from over ten different flavors and varieties of Jelly Belly's.  In some cases you can even match the scent of your bath and body products to the flavor of your Jelly Belly's,  making it an easy way to put together your own little customized gift basket of goodies.  Some of the Bath and Body Products that they offer are:  Perfume Bottles,  Dead Sea Bath Salts,  Essential Sugar Scrub,  Moisturizing Bubble Bath,  Foaming Bath Butter and many other relaxing bath and body products!

Sweetly You sent me a Perfume Sampler Set which included 10 different perfume Fragrance samples of my choice.  I spent a while going through their long list of fragrances that included over 50 different scents.   Sweetly You offers everything from food scents to nock offs of famous Brand Names.  I chose a little bit of everything to review.   What is perfect about their products is that because they offer such a wide variety of scents you are sure to find some that you will like and your daughter too!  The Perfume Sampler Set can be purchased for only $9.95.

Here are the following scents that I reviewed along with what I thought about each scent.
  1. New Romance-  I thought this was a fun flirty fragrance that smelled rather Fruity.  This would be perfect to wear on a night out with that special someone. 
  2. White Ginger and Amber-  This is a somewhat strong smelling scent.  I thought it would be perfect for my mom.  The Amber is noticeable but blends well with the White Ginger.
  3. Passion Fire-  To me this scent seemed really spicy!  It is a slightly strong scent.
  4. Strawberries and Champagne-  This scent reminds me of a Popular Victoria's Secret Scent!    This is really a romantic scent.  It was very light and fruity.
  5. Beautiful- This scent will leave you smelling beautiful while you look it!  This was another strong scented perfume. 
  6. Hawaiian Breeze-  Reminds me of a fruity Tropical scent.  It is sure to take your senses straight to the tropics!  I thought this scent would be perfect for warm summer months.
  7. Warm Allure-  it is a sweet scent that is perfect for any season.  It actually has a somewhat mild pleasant scent. 
  8. Vanilla Macadamia Nut Coffee-  I thought this was an unusual scent different from any other perfume fragrances that I have ever tried!  The Vanilla was somewhat over- rided by the strong nutty scent. 
  9. Pomegranate-  This was my overall favorite Scent that Sweetly You has to offer!  It was a very fruity sweet scent!  This scent is perfect for Spring or Summer months but I would wear it during any months! 
  10. German Chocolate Cake- This is a definite dessert scent.  I thought it smelled good enough to eat!  It actually did smell allot like a German Chocolate Cake and yes,  "I LOVE German Chocolate Cake"!
I believe I would like some of the scents in Bubble Bath or Lotions instead of Perfume forms.  Although allot of them smelled great as perfumes.  All of Sweetly You perfumes are pure oil fragrances with no ethanol to irritate the skin or alter the scent.  Although they have many different scents I thought of a few more that I would like to see them offer. 
  1. Lemon Sugar-  A scent that would remind me of a lemon bar with powdered sugar on top!
  2. Amber Chocolate-  A scent that would include notes of Amber along with sweet sensual Chocolate!
  3. Sunny Beaches-  A fun fresh scent that would remind me of a sunny day at the ocean. 
 No matter if you are purchasing Sweetly You products as a gift or just to pamper yourself,  they are sure to be happily received!  Relax while soaking in a nice hot  bath of your favorite smelling fragrance or slather on some delicious smelling lotion,  either way you are sure to enjoy Sweetly You products!  They make a perfect gift for Valentine's Day,  Mother's Day,  Birthdays or even just a pampering Spa Day with your daughter! 

*Disclaimer-  Sweetly You was kind enough to send me a Perfume Sampler Set to possibly review.  In no way did this alter my opinion of their products.  All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true*


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