Friday, March 4, 2011


Okay,   so you either have kids that love to brush their teeth,  or you have kids like mine,  who hate to brush their teeth!  Well maybe with the exception of my two year old...he loves brushing his teeth!  Anyways,   I found a great product,  that actually helps motivate children to brush their teeth!  FIREFLY offers a way for kids to have fun while brushing their teeth.  Why is FIREFLY products so great your probably wondering!

FIREFLY products are great because each toothbrush contains a blinking red light which blinks for exactly one minute,  before turning off.  That is the time that it takes for you to brush one row of teeth.  After the timer goes off ,  you simply turn it on again,  and brush your other row of teeth.  How cool is that!!!  As a child,  I would have loved having a built in timer on my toothbrush!  Besides the timer,  they also come in different colors,  and your child's favorite characters! 

For the review FIREFLY sent me several of their awesome  toothbrushes to review.  When I received the package,  I was pleasantly surprised with all of the toothbrushes they sent me!   I received girls themed toothbrushes,  as well as boy themed too.  The characters included:  Snoopy,  Hot Wheels,  Spiderman,  Barbie,  and Hello Kitty.  I also received some plain colored toothbrushes that also included a built in timer.  Batteries are also included making it convenient for me!  I don't have to use my own batteries,  which saves me a little bit of money.

First,  I had my sons choose their favorite FIREFLY toothbrushes,  then they went straight to the bathroom to try them out!  We pressed the button and it immediately started blinking!  Then they had one minute to brush their bottom teeth.  After that they turned it back on and brushed the other row until the red light stopped blinking.  They loved the blinking built in timer,  as they knew exactly how long to brush each row of teeth for.  You know its time to purchase a new toothbrush when the light stops working(usually about 3 months.) 

FIREFLY Toothbrushes comes in sizes:  4-24 months,  2-4 years,  5-7 years,  and 8+ years so there is a size to fit each of your children! 

My kids need a toothbrush that is gentle on their little gums,  and that is exactly what these toothbrushes provided!  Some of the toothbrushes are sparkly,  which I thought was extra cute!  Be on the look out there will be new character products being released soon including "Batman"!  FIREFLY Toothbrushes can be purchased for anywhere from 98 cents to three dollars which is a deal for such an innovative toothbrush!  FIREFLY products made "toothbrush time"  fun and enjoyable,  instead of the ordinary- boring and dull!  FIREFLY Toothbrushes are highly innovative, and just what you need to get your children brushing their teeth more often. 

FIREFLY  Toothbrushes are a product of Dr. Fresh,   who is a leading brand of high quality, Oral brands and antibacterial sanitizers.  They have been awarded the prestigious American Dental Association (ADA) Seal of Approval.  They have been found to effectively remove plaque and help prevent and reduce Gingivitis.  Dr. Fresh was established in 1998,  and has proved to be one of the fastest growing Oral Companies in the U.S. today!

*Disclaimer-  Firefly Toothbrushes sent me products to possibly review.  In no way did this alter my opinion of their products.  All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*


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