Monday, March 7, 2011

Tortuga Rum Cakes

Sweet Treats Week - Review #1/TORTUNGA RUM CAKES

Too kick off my "Sweet Treats Week"  I am featuring Tortuga Rum Company!  Each day this week(Mon.-Fri.) I will be reviewing a "Sweet Treat" that is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth!  If you are a fan of rum then you are going to love Tortuga Rum Company!  Tortuga Rum Company  is a family owned business,   that is located in the Caymen Islands.  You can browse through delicious Rum Treats,  Cakes,  Coffees  and gifts and then purchase them on their online store. 

Tortuga Rum Cakes come in 3 different sizes and 9 different amazing flavors.  Their  flavors include:  Original,  Coconut,  Chocolate,  Banana,  Pineapple,  Key Lime,  Cinnamon Raisin and  Blue Mountain Coffee.  Their 3 different sizes includes:  33 ounce Rum Cakes,  16 ounce Rum Cakes and 4-ounce six packs.  Be sure to take a moment to check out some of their tasty Recipes,  which is sorted into two categories: Food and Cocktail Recipes.  All of their cakes are made using the #1 finest rums of the Caribbean.   

Tortuga Rum Company kindly sent me two 4-ounce Rum Cakes to review.  They sent me a Coconut flavored Rum Cake along with a Original Flavored Rum Cake.  I was very excited when I received my package as I am a huge fan of Rum Flavored Goodies!  Each Rum Cake comes in a box and then is sealed in a  plastic vacuum to ensure freshness.  I waisted no time and opened both of them up! 

In no time flat I was sinking my mouth into the Coconut Rum Cake!  The Coconut Rum Cake looked slightly different from the Original because the coconut shreds are visible all over the Cake.  The Coconut flavor surprisingly was not to overwhelming,  and was actually rather mild.  I was surprised  by how moist the cake acutally was!  You can smell the Rum before you ever taste the Cake and you can sure taste it in the Cake.   The Coconut noticeably adds a unique Caribbean flavor to this cake.

The second Cake I tried was the Original Rum Cake.  This Cake was made using a four generation old family recipe,  and is the most popular flavor!   This recipe actually made Tortuga Rum the #1 export of the Caymen Islands.  Their very own "5  year old",  oak barrel aged Gold Rum is used in each cake and is sure to be noticeably tasted while eating one of these delicious Cakes!  Each Original Tortuga Rum Cake includes walnuts to give them just enough added flavor.  These cakes both offered a very rich warm Rum flavor that I completely enjoyed.

~If you want to enhace the flavor of your Rum Cakes try pairing them with icecream or topping them off with strawberries and whipcream!

*Disclaimer- Tortuga Rum sent me samples to possibly review.  In no way did this alter my opinion of their products.  All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*


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