Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Henry Wiggles Pantry Shop on Etsy

Sweet Treats Week Review #2-
Henry Wiggles Pantry  is another fabulous Etsy site that I recently found.  Henry Wiggles Pantry offers heavenly handcrafted treats for very reasonable prices.   Have you had a sweet tooth lately because I know I have!  That's why I was so anxious to receive the Cookies.  Henry Wiggles Pantry currently offers four Scrumptious Treats including:
  1. Almond Crack- Sweet California Almonds coated in a crunchy caramel coating.
  2. OMG Pretzel Rods-Pretzel Rods dipped in Caramel and then Dark Chocolate.
  3. Mr. Wiggles LadiKillers- Chocolate Cookies with Dark Chocolate Chips and Pecans.
  4. His Nibs Chocolate Chip Cookies- Dark Chocolate Chips with Walnuts and Salt.

Henry Wiggles Pantry sent me four of their His Nibs Chocolate Chip Cookies.  They were packaged in clear cellophane bags with a cute little Label and topped off with a Brown Bow.   The Chocolate Chips cookies were actually allot larger than I expected them to be!  Each His Nibs Chocolate Chip Cookie weighs 2 ounces and is about 3.25' in diameter,  making them just the perfect size!  Henry Wiggles Pantry uses real ingredients such as: Vanilla Bean Paste,  Granulated Sugar,  and Fleur De Sel-just to name a few.

I was pleasantly surprised by the unique flavor of the Chocolate Chip Cookies.  These are definitely not just your ordinary every day Chocolate Chip Cookies,  these are much better!   I heated a couple of cookies up in the microwave because I like my Cookies served nice and warm.  As I bit down into my first bite I instantly fell in love with the Cookies!  They are not to sweet,   but not too bitter,  at the same time they have a salty bite to them.  The flavors nicely blend together to create one of the best Chocolate Chip Cookies that I have ever tried.

Henry Wiggles Pantry sells the His  Nibs Chocolate Chip Cookies for $15.00 and includes two eight ounce bags,  each containing four cookies.   I absolutely love this idea because you can keep a bag to enjoy yourself and give one out as a gift.  This would be especially nice during the holidays.  I know allot of people who would love to receive one of these sweet little treats from Henry Wiggles Pantry... I sure did!  Made out of Dark Chocolate Chips,  Brown Sugar,  and Toasted Walnuts...who could resist!

*Disclaimer- Henry Wiggles Pantry sent me some samples to possibly review.  In no way did this alter my opinion of their products.  All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*  


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Wow, those cookies look fantastic! I don't know what I was thinking to catch up on your blog during sweet treat week while I was hungry!!!