Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cloud B Sleep Sheep

Any parent of a baby knows that your baby needs as much sleep as possible at night...especially for your sake!  Well,  and the babies too!  That is why I love this site called Cloud B!  They are dedicated to helping children of all ages get better sleep.  This trusted brands award winning products are developed in consultation with an Advisory Board of pediatricians and specialists.  Their products offer the up most quality,  along with innovative designs.

Cloud B offers a line of products that helps your little one get as much sleep as possible.  I was really impressed with the design of their cute and cuddly products!  It was hard choosing something to review, as all of their products look great!  They are all very different and unique, unlike other products on the market.  After browsing all of their products I fell most in love with their Slumber Friends Plush Pillows. 

I am sure all of you have heard of Pillow Pets,  well these are similar to them,  but uniquely different - due to the fact that they include a removable scented aromatherapy pouch.   The Slumber Friends Plush Pillows are just the right size...they are actually the Pediatrician recommended size!  Each pillow measures approximately  41Cm. x 36cm. x 13cm,  but sizes vary.  It is recommended for ages 2 and up,  which makes it perfect for my two year old.  Each pillow usually ships within only one business day. 

Slumber Friends Plush Pillows come in seven different characters:
  1. Sleep Sheep
  2. Lavender Lab
  3. Twilight Turtle
  4. Twilight Ladybug
  5. Twilight Sea Turtle
  6. Gentle Giraffe
  7. Polar Cuddle Cub
It was hard to choose just one to review,  as all of the characters were very cute!  I narrowed it down to either the Giraffe or Lamb,  so I ended up going with the Lamb.  Looking at the lamb made me think of counting sheep so the Sleep Sheep it was!  When I first saw the pillow the first word that came to mind was...precious!  The Cloud B Sleep Sheep Pillow cover is soft and made to look like a sheep's wool.  Each sheep pillow comes with four hooves, with a small tail attached, and a Tan Belly.

Each pillow includes a removable pouch that contains an aromatherapy blend of Lavender.  The Lavender may help to soothe your child to sleep.  To me the scent is soft and relaxing,  to others it may not be.  If you do not like the scent,  simply remove the pouch.  and no more Lavender scent!   The actual Lavender scented pouch is somewhat hard,  so if you wish for the pillow to be more soft,  remove the pouch.  I love the fact that this pillow can be folded in half and Velcros together to transform it into a plush pet.

Please note that the Twilight Ladybug Pillow and the Twilight Turtle Pillow do not turn fold into a toy.  My two year old son loves laying down with his Sleep Sheep Pillow.  Each night before bed he makes sure he has his little lamb before he falls asleep.  Most of the time he sleeps without the scented pouch,  but on occasions I put it in his pillow,  and he seems to like the scent.  The actual scent isn't too strong, nor is it too weak.  The pillow can easily be transported with your little one to slumber parties,  Daycare,  and anywhere your little one may take a nap at. 

*Disclaimer- Cloud B sent me a product to review.  In no way did this alter my opinion of their products. All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*


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