Wednesday, April 13, 2011


None of you know this,  but I live in Sacramento.  Here in Sacramento,  Downtown and Old Sacramento is the place to go!  One day while in Old Sacramento shopping,  a line of really cute products caught my eye.  I was so intrigued by their products, that I purchased one of their products,  and later contacted them when I got home.  It is one of those brands that everything is so cute you just don't know what to choose!  I ended up choosing a mini pack of Strawberry scented Cupcake Wipes. 

NPW-USA specializes in a wide range of high quality gifts and personal care products with a cute little twist!  NPW actually stands for Natural Products Worldwide.  They are a UK based Company but it's US office is located in Colorado.  They kindly sent me four of their awesome products to review.  It was so hard choosing which products I wanted to review because they have so many cute items to offer.  They sent me a Cherry Hand Cream,  Folding Butterfly Mirror,  4 Piece Brushed Stainless Steel Manicure Set and Anti Bacterial Paper Soap. 

Each item arrived nicely wrapped in Light Pink and Black tissue paper.  One of the first things that I noticed about the products is their packaging which really attracts your attention.  First I will tell you about their Cherry Hand Cream.  The  Cherry Feast Cupcake Hand cream comes packaged in a clear plastic box,  which allows you to see all the detail on the Hand Cream container.  I say this because the handcream is in the base of the cupcake and the cupcake is decorated with sprinkles and even a Cherry on Top! 
You simply open the top of the cupcake and the handcream is inside.  The handcream smelled heavily of Sweet Cherries and was thick in substance,  just like I like my hand creams.  This handcream would be perfect for a young girl or even a teenage girl!  Besides the Cherry scent they also offer other really great scents such as Coconut Dream Cupcake,  Strawberry Cupcake and Choco Deluxe Cupcake.  This product can be purchased at Hot Topic Stores nationwide.

I was very impressed with their folding Butterfly Mirror. It came packaged in clear plastic with butterflies and Pink and Black polka dots that decorated the package.  The mirror works great,  and easily folds over to store,  and keeps it from getting scratched.  I keep it in my purse,  and any time I need a mirror I have one handy.  I love the detail on the outside of the mirror,  along with the metallic Pink color.  Once again I think this product would be perfect for a young girl or teenager or an adult like myself!  This product can be purchased at Hot Topic Stores nationwide.

The 4 Piece Brushed Stainless Steel Manicure Set came packaged in Clear Plastic decorated with Pink and White Stars.  The outside of the case is a Glittery Bright Pink color and really stands out!  Inside the case is Nail and Cuticle Scissors,  Nail Clippers,  Slanted Tweezers,  and a Nail File/Cleaner.  It really goes along perfectly with the metallic Pink Butterfly Mirror.  The tweezers were easy to use along with the Nail and Cuticle Scissors and Tweezers.  I still have not used the Nail/File Cleaner. This product can be purchased at Hot Topic Stores nationwide.

The Anti-Bacterial Paper Soap is really unique!  It comes in a convenient little plastic package that holds 30 single-use soap sheets.  I also keep these in my purse,  as I can use them anytime I need them,  you just simply add water!  They protect by neutralising germs and harmful bacteria.  Anti-Bacterial Paper Soap is suitable for hand carry on airlines.  What a great product to take with you when you are traveling.  This particular product can be purchased at The Spoon Sisters Online Site.  

Besides these products, they also offer a bunch of other great products,  all at reasonable prices!  The 10 pack of Strawberry scented wet wipes that I purchased also sit in my purse.  They come in really handy, as I have already used four of them.  The package is resealable so they stay nice and fresh.  They also offer Lip Balms,  Fun Shower Caps,  Soap on a Rope,  Inflight Comfort Kits and many other unique products in trendy packages.   

*Disclaimer- npw-usa generously sent me four products to review.  In no way did this alter my opinion of their products.  All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*


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