Monday, April 11, 2011

Better than Fantastic...INKtastic!

While recently browsing the web I stumbled upon this awesome site called  It is a truly unique online store  because they offer tee shirts and apparel, that can be customized with your favorite photos,  or you can use their online tool to create personalized designs.  If you choose to browse their designs you will have the option of choosing from hundreds of images and sayings including:  Holidays and Occasions,  Ocean and Beach,  Food and Drinks,  and a bunch of other categories.  If you choose to design your own you will be able to choose from many different items,  and then be able to upload your images onto the product.  This happens to be the option that I chose.

First,  I browsed through products after products that could easily be designed with my own personal images.  I had my choice of ten different categories which included:  Baby,  Junior's,  Gifts & Accessories,  Intimates,  Toddler,  Mens,  Stuffed Animals,  Youth,  Women's,  and Pet's.  Throughout the categories I found items such as Aprons,  Clocks,  Tee-Shirts,  and even panties!  As soon as I saw the Stuffed Animal Category I knew I had to check it out.  Once I clicked on the Stuffed Animals section, about eight different stuffed animals popped up. 

While they were all very cute,  I instantly fell in love with the Blue Jumbo Plush Teddy Bear!  This plush bear comes with sheer floral ribbon tied around the teddy bears neck and measures 21 inches tall.  I was surprised by the actual size of this teddy bear!  I have always seen the little tiny teddy bears at Walmart with the printed shirts and I always wanted to order one and never got around to it.  I am so glad that I never ordered it from Walmart,  because Inktastics Stuffed Animals offer a lot more quality than the Walmart Bears do.  They are also very reasonably priced at only $17.99 to $26.99, depending upon which Stuffed Animal style that you choose.  All of their Stuffed Animals are currently on sale.

The Blue Jumbo Plush Teddy Bear is currently on sale for only $26.99,  which was marked down from $32.99.   In order to purchase the bear I had to go through a few easy steps.  First I started out by choosing the color which in my case is Blue for a boy!  I would love to be able to choose the Pink one, but haven't been blessed with a girl yet,  so because I have three boys-the Blue was perfect for me.  Next,   I uploaded an image of my three children,  from my computer. 

You may choose to upload an image from the gallery,  if you would like.  Then I added my own custom text which read "Our Three Sons",  which went directly beneath the picture printed on the Stuffed Animals Tee-Shirt.  I had my choice of Font,  Size,  and Color.   Lastly I pressed create product and was able to preview the final product.  This is a great option because it gives you a look at your product before your order is finalized.  This way you can go back and change something if you would like. 

When I received the bear I had just got home and it was raining.  It was placed over my gate and I was concerned that it may have got rained on, being that it was packaged in a shipping bag.  I opened the bag up to find the bear in perfect condition.  Not only was the bear super soft,  but also super cute!    With a light blue plush body and a adorable little ribbon tied on its neck,  who wouldn't love it!  Not to mention the cute little picture of my three sons on it's tee-shirt.  While I am sure my children would love to play with this bear,  I have decided to keep it for them as a keepsake.   We will treasure it forever!

*Disclaimer- Inktastic sent me a product to review.  In no way did this alter my opinion of their products.  All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*


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that is adorable love it

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With Easter just around the corner, I like the Plush Easter Bunny best.

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Thanks for stopping by - following back!

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what a great keepsake!