Thursday, June 9, 2011

Etsy- My Lucy's Loft

It is always a pleasure reviewing items from Etsy because everything is usually so unique.  It's not everyday that you come across a Mr. Potato Head Onsie!  That is why I was so excited when My Lucy's Loft agreed to send me a Mr. Potato Head Onsie to review!  I remember playing with Mr. Potato Head when  I was just a child,   now my children play with them.  Did you know that Mr. Potato Head originally started out as a real potato with small plastic pronged body and face parts that could be stuck into it?   Or you had the option of choosing a different vegetable,  it was really up to you because you had to supply the veggie or fruit to stick it in.  

Now days Mr. Potato Head remains a classic,  and a must have for all children,  including mine!  Mr. Potato Head themed clothes are very hard to find,  so I was very lucky to find the onsie by My Lucy's Loft.  Besides,  the onsie they also offer tot tees along with youth tees.  Sizes are available from o months up- all the way to an XL size 12-14,  so they basically have all children covered when it comes to this style.  If you want something for yourself, with the Mr. Potato theme, she offers Matching tote bags for only $12.99.  

I recieved a size 18-24 months to review on my youngest son.  I ordered it a size up,  so he would have plenty of time to grow into the onsie.   It looked exactly the same as it did on her page.  A white onsie decorated with a big Mr. Potato Head character in the middle.  Mr. Potato Head was dressed in a green hat tilted to the side,  yellow glasses and blue shoes.  The onsie fit my son with room to grow into it,  and looked adorable on him.  I thought it would be cute to do  birthday party in a Mr. Potato Head theme.  The child could wear the Mr. Potato Head Tot Tee and have Mr. Potato Heads as decorations.  I purchased a mini Mr. Potato Head at Walmart for only three bucks to go along with his darling Mr. Potato Head Onsie. 

Each Mr. Potato Head themed onsie and or shirt can be purchased for only  $12.99, plus shipping and handling,  which runs $3.50.  If you buy four or more onsies from My Lucy's Loft you will receive a free onsie(excluding shipping).  She has over 150 styles to choose from including:  sayings,  characters,  famous icons,  and classic cartoons.  Be sure to check her page often because she is constantly adding new styles to her shop.  I easily found four onsies that I love,  check them out below:


To wash your onsies you will have to use cold water,  and be sure to turn the garment inside out.  You must remove the garment promptly from the washer,  so that the color does not bleed.   I plan on buying an item from their site in the future.  I am Not sure which one yet,  but I am sure it will correspond with a party theme .  Go check out their very stylish onsies and tees at My Lucy's Loft

*Disclaimer-  My Lucy's Loft provided me with a Mr. Potato Head Onsie to review.  In no way did this alter my opinon of their products.  All of my opinons are one hundred percent honest and true.*


Nikki said...

That shirt is adorable, as is your little model/spokesperson. I love Mr. Potato Head. Such a classic.