Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Smile books

I have always loved pictures ever since I can remember.  I still have pictures that my mom gave me when I was just in Elementary School.  When I was young, I started out buying throw away cameras and getting them developed at the local 12 hour photo.  Then eventually as I grew up, and got out on my own I purchased a digital camera,  which is basically a permanent fixture in my purse.  I spent plenty of time perfectly arranging photos in my albums.  As the years went by I got into scrapbook's, which was rather time consuming,  but I had the time for it.  That is until my second son was born, and it seems like ever since then I just really haven't had time to sit down,  and work on my scrapbook. 

Since my second son my third son joined our family,  now I really dont have the time to complete a scrapbook,  which is the reason why I was super excited when Smile Books  allowed me to review their wonderful service and product.  Smile Books more than generously provided me with a $100 unique code to use on any of their high quality coffee table books,  design service and shipping charges.  I never created any type of online photo book before,  so I was glad to have the opportunity of creating a photo book of my own.  You may choose to design your own book by downloading and using their software,  or pay extra for their design service.  Since it was my first time doing anything like this I thought it would be easiest to take advantage of their design service. 

I started out by uploading pictures to my picture gallery.  Afterward,  I used their design service to create my hard back photo book.  The photo book was sent to me to preview within three days of submitting the book for design.   The photo book arrived in a flat cardboard box and of course I opened it up as soon as it came in.  Because I used the design service I did not have an opportunity to format my book, so I had to reley on the design service to do a proper job...And that it did!  Using the design service was definitely a learning experience!  It showed me different formats and designs you can use when creating your books.  

The only negative thing I can think about the service is that it sometimes places pictures that do not go together(that only you would know about).  That can be easily fixed by clicking on the pages on your online preview to submit change requests.  A comment box will pop up and then you will be able to explain what you would like the designer to change.  Their design service  is perfect for those who have little time to format their pictures,  and or people who just do not have the patience.  However,  the design service did save me time that I didnt have at the moment.  The  12 x 12 Deluxe Smile Book contained 26 pages full of lots of memories.  I was surprised by the cute design of the front cover.  From the bunny ears,  to the cake face mess,  to the blue hard cover background,  everything matched!  For the pictures I chose to include images from mainly this year but also through in some occasions that really stood out including my wedding photo,the newborn pictures of my youngest son,  and a few baby shower photos.
My favorite page is the second page because it features a large photo of my husband and I the day we got married.  On every other page is a sticker image that somewhat matches the photo accompanying it.  Each page was formated different than the next including different picture sizes as well.  The back of the Hardback Photo Book also featured a picture.  They chose to use a picture of my middle son with his twin cousins that are his age...too cute!  The photo book is definitely a keepsake that I will cherish forever. It makes the perfect conversation piece,  and a great way to entertain people visiting your house. 

Smile Books printed more than 4.3 million photo books in 2010.   This may be partially due to their internationally award-winning photo book software,  and extremely reasonable prices.  Besides photo books,  they also offer calendars,  and greeting cards.  They have over fifty years of experience at preserving memories that you want to keep forever.  They would make a great gift for any mother or grandmother,  especially my mother!   The Smile Photo Book would make a  perfect idea to create to capture that special occasion including: Weddings, Birthdays,  Vacations,  Birth of a Baby,  Baby Shower and any other occasion that you would like to preserve.  If you would like to purchase a gift card they are available in different increments depending upon,  which size book you would like,  for them to create. 

The Smile Book is something that I will keep forever , and even pass down on to my children when they are old enough.  Even though I liked the ease of using their design service I think I will try designing my own photo book next time.  I would definitely recommend purchasing a Smile Photo Book.

*Disclaimer-  Smile Books provided me with a $100 unique code to use on all of their products,  design service,  and shipping charges.  In no way did this alter my opinon of their products.  All of my opinons are one hundred percent honest and true.*


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i love scrap booking as well but as you have said theres no time when kids comes into play..

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