Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Free LED Flashlight from Marlboro

When I originally started my blog I offered a lot more freebie based posts, but now that I have got caught up in reviews and giveaways I have neglected posting freebies.  From time to time I will post freebies that are really worth ordering.  I wont post a little tiny sample packet,  or a sticker,  but I will post items that are something you would really want.  Do you want a LED Flashlight from Marlboro, because that is what they are offering FREE over at http://www.marlboro.com/.  If you are not already registered on their site you will have to create a new account.  If you are already registered just sign in,  and click on the "promos and offers" on the right side of their page,  to receive your FREE LED Flashlight.