Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fried Kool Aid

So I was watching the news last night when I story caught my eye.  Now I have always enjoyed fried food from the fair.  I have tried everything  from a fried Oreo to a fried Twinkie.  Now,  I see they have even came out with fried Kool Aid!  They use a ton of sweetened Kool Aid to make tangy red colored dough balls.  They look a lot like donut holes and I have heard they taste somewhat similar to them too!  They coat them in flour and use the Kool Aid for the balls but that is all Chicken Charlie is able to disclose about his ingredients! 

These balls have really taken off!  After the fairs initial opening weekend they went through 150 lbs of Kool Aid and 1,500 lbs of flour.  These are actually selling better than any of his products has in the past!  After several attempts at trying to perfect the Kool Aid Balls he came up with the perfect recipe!  My husband met Chicken Charlie once while he was staying at a hotel he was working for.  He described Charlie as a great guy with a  lot of great ideas for fried food.  What will Chicken Charlie come up with next!


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Interesting, I'll have to keep an eye out for these this summer!

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