Wednesday, June 22, 2011


With Summer time here,  it is time to get out your flip flops,  if you haven't already!  During Summer I basically wear nothing but flip flops and flats.  I have a shoe hanger that hangs down in my closet filled with flip flops.  Yes,  I am a huge shoe lover,  but were not going to get started on that right now!   I came across a wonderful site called Oka B that offers a variety of flip flops in a many different colors and styles. 

OKA b offered to send me a pair of flip flops to review,  and of course I couldn't resist.  As soon as they arrived,  I anxiously opened them up,  because I did not have a clue which style they chose to send me.  As soon as I opened the box I was surprised by how well they actually fit my personality!  They were totally a pair I would have chosen for myself.  Oka B sent me a pair of their Anita Flip Flops in the color liquorish.  I love the Liquorish color because it matches with basically anything. 

The flip flops came packaged in a nice organza drawstring bag,  with tags attached,  which made for a nice presentation.  The bag can also be reused to store your shoes in,  or anything else you may want to keep in it.  As soon as they came in I couldn't wait to try them on so the very next day I decided to wear them to my brothers birthday party.  I paired them with a fairly dressy shirt, a pair of stylish skinny jeans,  and they went together perfectly!  That's another thing I like about them,  they go with just about anything- no matter if its a romper,  dress,  shorts,  or even jeans! 

OKA b are definitely not your average pair of flip flops,  they are allot more quality than regular ones.  As I wore them I noticed the massaging beads on the insole really massaged my feet as I walked.  Usually when you wear a pair of shoes for the first time you have to break them in,  but not with these shoes!  They contour to your feet,  and don't leave any marks.  These Chic Flip Flops are classic, yet stylish,  and perfect for basically anyone.  The Anita styles can be purchased for only $25.00 and comes in eight different styles and colors.  If you are not into flip flops,  Oka B also offers a nice selection of sandals,  slides,   and heels. 

I ordered a size 7-8 Women's Medium,  and they fit me perfectly,  but if my feet were any larger they would not fit well.  I would recommend possibly ordering a size up,  if your shoe size is border line.  They are perfect for the spa because they are antimicrobial & Odor resistant.  Not to mention,  that they are also very durable,  and can even be machine washed!   I bet you didn't think they were recyclable!  Customers can send their shoes directly to their corporate headquarters,  where they will then be ground,  and mixed with virgin material to create new product. 

*Disclaimer-  Oka B provided me with a  pair of shoes to review.  In no way did this alter my opinion of their products.  All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*


Elle said...

Those look pretty nice. I normally don't wear flip flops but you make a good case. I could at least have a pair for in the house instead of going bare foot. I might try them out.