Monday, June 13, 2011

Isa Bird! Isa Plane! No it's ...Isabelt!

isABelt is a virtually invisible clear Strong flexible belt that solves many fashion issues.  You know when your bending down,  and  your pants start to come down in the back,  and you can see clear down the back of your pants,  well  that's where IsABelt comes in!   Isablet securely keeps everything in place,  and prevents back gap,  slippage and belt bulge.  They come in two different sizes:  Original and Wide.  They are made to fit women of all sizes shapes and ages! 

isABelt  kindly sent me some samples to review.  I received one of their Original isABelts,  along with an isAbelt Wide to  review.  isABelt wide comes in either Black of Clear and features a one size fits all design.  The Belt is extra wide allowing a little bit of extra support and fits all sizes up to 50".  Each 1 inch  isAbelt Wide is made of extremely elastic TPU and can be cleaned with a damp cloth. 

The Original isABelt comes in Black or Clear,  and you can choose between a size:  Small,  Medium,  Large or Plus.  Each different size features a different color on the box that it is packages in.  I received a size that came in a colored package.  It is perfect to wear when your not in the mood to wear a regular bulky  belt.  While I had the belt on it was barely noticeable,  especially when my shirt covered the top of it.  Each Original isAbelt is made of a half inch wide elastic,  and can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

It is important to know exactly how to use an  isABelt.  It should not be adjusted like a bra strap!  Bring the isABelt to below the waist band,   or to the base all the way around,  and notch under the front button.  Make sure that the isABelt is not too tight,  as it should be a subtle "nip and tuck",  for your bottoms.

isABelt also sent me -isAStrips - Fashion Tape,  along with their Strapdowns product.  The isAStrips secures Necklines,  Clothing,  Bra Straps,  Shoes Straps,  Pant Hems,  Accessories,  Scarves,  Jewelery,  and many other items.  One of the best features about this product is it can be worn as belt loops on a pair of pants that do not have belt loops.  To use them on your isABelt simply press an isABelt Fashion Strip over the isABelt logo on the inside of the isABelt,  and then press it securely to  your waist band. 

 The Strapdowns is a great product that helps eliminate pant bunch when you are trying to put on your boots. They are clear adjustable bands,  that keep your jeans securely  in place,  while putting your boots on.   I am always struggling with my skinny jeans,  trying to keep my pants secure while putting my favorite pair of boots on.  They keep my pants from bunching which is one of my pet peeves!  Overall they were a very useful product.

*Disclaimer-  hip-T kindly provided me with a product to possibly review.  In no way did this alter my opinion on their products.  All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*