Monday, June 20, 2011

Piggy Wiggies

What are Piggy Wiggies?  Piggy Wiggies are some of the cutest toys I have seen in quite a while!  They are a family of hand crafted collectible pigs,  that are made a lot like a sock monkey,  but cuter!  Piggy Wiggies come in different colors and sizes,  and each  Piggy Wiggies style has it's own little  loving personality and story.  They are the newest collectible craze,  as soon as you see them you will want to collect them all! 
To me,  Piggy Wiggies are my new definition of cute!  They ship them in a regular cardboard box , but they stick a special Piggy Wiggies sticker on it,  that really makes it stand out.  As soon as I opened the box I found two adorably decorated Boxes,  along with some matching tissue paper.  Each box features the Piggy Wiggies logo on the front of the box.  The top of the box has a place for you to write,  who the Piggy Wiggy is to,  and who it is from.  This is especially nice if you are giving it as a gift,  you really don't need to giftwrap them,  and if you do,  the matching tissue paper is already included!

I opened up the first box to find Mumsie,  a bright yellow pig with big purple nostrils,  made out of cute shaped buttons.  The ears stick straight up and are the inside of them is decorated with Yellow and Purple flowers.  A tag is attatched to it's ear,  and in the inside you will find this little story:
"Mumsie is the mother of the family.  She has a warm heart and is a free spirit.  She loves to look after other Piggy Wiggies.  She enjoys cooking and trying new recipes on the family!  Give her lots of smooches,  and she will fill your life with warmth and happiness."  This precious Piggy Wiggy is very soft and cuddly,  just like the other Piggy Wiggies.  This adorable piggy is from their Daisy Collection.

When I opened  the second box,  I found a little Lime Green pig accented with orange and Orange button nostrils.  The ears were decorated with a cute little floral print,  that really makes them stand out.  Doodles is perfect for my sons,  as it is a male piggy!  There is also another male piggy,  his name is YoYo.   On the inside of Doodles tag,   you will find the following story: "Doodles is the dad of the family.  He is strong and brave,  but is a big softy at heart.  He will look after you other Piggy Wiggies and make sure they are all happy.  He's kind and loving.  It's always great to have Doodles around!"  Doodles,  along with the other Piggy Wiggies are handcrafted with love.  Besides their line of Piggy Wiggies and Mini Piggy Wiggies,  they also offer a darling keychain.  Please note* Piggy Wiggies are intended for ages 3+.

Piggy Wiggies make the perfect gift for any girl or boy!  I would purchase them as birthday gifts,  Christmas gifts,  stocking stuffers,  and even favors for a party.  The only problem I had with them is my son's kept fighting over which one gets to play with Doodles(the male piggy).  The Piggy Wiggies inspired us to change the lyrics to the "This Little Piggy" nursery rhyme.  Now we say " This little Piggy Wiggy went to the market.  This little Piggy Wiggy stayed home.  This little Piggy Wiggy had Roast Beef.  This little Piggy Wiggy had none.  And this little Piggy Wiggy went 'Wee!"Wee!"Wee! all the way home".   My two year old gets such a kick out of our newest little nursery rhyme twist!  Piggy Wiggies are a huge hit in my house, and I am sure they would be in yours too!

*Disclaimer- Piggy Wiggies provided me with two Piggy Wiggies to review. In no way did this alter my opinion of their products. All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*


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