Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Soda Steam

I have to confess...I am addicted to soda, and I have been ever since I was just a young girl!  In our fridgerator soda is a permanent fixture.  Of course,  we also have juice on hand for the kids and milk,  and all that good stuff,  but sitting beside it is at least one 2 liter of soda or 12 pack of soda.   I usually purchase it wherever I am shopping at,  or even at the local AMPM.  I never imagined I would be able to make my own soda,  that is until I discovered the Soda Stream.

The Soda Steam allows you to turn regular tap water into fresh sparkling water and soda in no time at all!  They come in a variety of  sleek and stylish colors,  and shillouettes,  to match any decor.   I received a black and silver colored Soda Machine that matches perfectly with my black color theme in my kitchen area.  I was somewhat sceptical at first,  due to the fact that I would be making my own soda, and did not know how it would taste.  I thought it might by somewhat difficult to make,  but I was wrong! 

First I started out by refrigerating tap water until it was nice and cold.  I then poured it into the one liter bottle,  and placed it into the machine.  After that you press the button 2-3 times,  depending upon how much carbonation you prefer.  Then you simply take the bottle off the machine,  add the syrup, and put the lid on the bottle and shake.  After that I let it settle for about 10 minutes before I tried it.  I was pleasantly surprised by the amazingly fresh taste that the Soda Stream produced!

Soda Steam offers over 30 different flavors of soda including the follow flavors: Lemon-Lime, Cola, Cranberry-Raspberry,  Orange Mango,  Root Beer,  Ginger Ale and many more!  You can also choose from Regular Flavors,  Diet Flavors,  Energy Drink, Cocktail Mixers,   My Water,  Sparkling Naturals,  Sparkling Water and Sparkling Teas.  Soda Stream sent me a variety of 7 different flavors and varieties.  I especially liked the Rootbeer,  and the Ginger Ale flavor.  I did not care too much for the energy drink,  as I usually do not drink them.  I also want too fond of the diet flavors,  due to the fact that I usually never drink diet,  even though I should! 

I live in an apartment,  and I don't have the space to store empty 2liter bottles and cans,  so the Soda Stream is really a convenience in my home.  I don't have to worry about carrying heavy bottles in my house either,  I just simply make it as we need it.  We usually go though one every day,  so I make a new one each morning.  This gives us more variety too,  so we don't get tired of the same old flavor!  Making our own soda is also better for the environment because we aren't constantly purchasing 2 liters and cans.

Another great thing about purchasing a Soda Stream is that it will save you money.  A can of soda will cost you only 25cents,  as will a liter of sparkling water.  The only down side is that you will have to purchase CO2 refills. You may choose to order a refill online,  and the messenger will drop by and pick up your old ones left on your doorstep,  and exchange it for new ones that you ordered online. This can be somewhat costly,  but it doesn't need to be replaced very often because it lasts quite a while.  My kids loved the fact that we were able to make our own soda at home so I guess it is pretty entertaining. 

Soda Stream also sent me a MyWater Flavor Essence box filled with three all natural- unsweetened flavors to add to your sparkling water.  The three different flavors included:  Raspberry,  Orange,  and Lemon-Lime.  My overall favorite was the raspberry flavor by far!  It gave the water a nice fruity touch that tickled my tastebuds.  It was super easy to use as I added about 1/2 teaspoon to one liter of my sparkling water that I made using the Soda Machine.  Each small glass bottle contains 20 servings.  The Soda Stream is extremely easy to use and a ton of fun! 

Soda Steam can be purchased on the Soda Stream Online Store,  or Bed Bath & Beyond,  Sears,  Macy's,  JC Penney's,  Sears,  Kohls and many other stores near you.

*Disclaimer-  I received a Soda Stream, 7 flavors and 3 water flavorings from Soda Stream to review.  In no way did this alter my opinion of their products.  All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*


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