Saturday, June 4, 2011


If you are looking for a high quality necktie,  for your husband ,  or dad for Father's Day,  you should definitely visit  From  fun themed ties,  to plaid ties,  to designer ties,  they sure  aren't  lacking in the tie department!   No wonder why they claim the largest selection of men's neckwear worldwide!   Ties.Com was founded in 1998 by Kathy Marrou (a fashion retailer and style expert).      Denny Plaid Tie by Silk Rhino Neckwear.  She teams a superb selection of neckties with excellent customer service to make for a wonderful shopping experience. 

Believe it or not,  neckties can say a lot about your personality.  If I could design a tie for myself it would be very pink, lacy,  frilly and nothing but girly...good thing I'm not a guy!  What would your husbands tie say about him?  Is he plain and ordinary like a plain colored tie,  or fun like a cartoon tie?  How about stylish like a designer tie?  Sometimes which color tie a man is wearing can say a lot about him too.  Think about it you see a lot of politicians wearing either blue or red,  perhaps because they are powerful yet non threatening colors.   My husbands tie would say he is a little bit on the fun side,  but still classy,   and versatile at the same time. 

 A tie can do a lot for a man and his outfit. They can instantly transform an ordinary dress shirt and pants outfit into a more classier and dressier outfit.  Personally,   I think ties make men look more sophisticated and stylish. agreed to send me a tie of my choice to review.   I was most interested in their selection of plaid neckties,  as there is just something about it that is clean,  casual,  and preppy all at the same time. offers a section dedicated to Plaid Ties and a selection of  over 100 different plaid style neckties.  I was in search of a plaid tie,  Red and Black in color,  as Red is my husbands favorite color.   

As soon as I came across the Denny Plaid Tie by Silk Rhino Neckwear,  I knew it would look perfect on my hubby.  Finding it was rather easy because all of their ties are sorted in categories including:  Color,  Pattern,  Length,  Designer,  Novelty,  Skinny and Boys.  Once you find a tie you like you can click on the image to enlarge it,  and see other images of the tie as well, including underneath.  This enables you to get a close up look and see exactly what you are going to purchase.   The Denny Plaid Tie by Silk Rhino Neckwear was exactly what I was looking for!  They will  soon be sending it to me,  and I can't wait to see it on my husbands neck! 

The fashionable Denny Plaid Tie can also be purchased  in Men's Skinny and Men's extra long depending upon which style you are looking for.   The Tie is White,  Black,  and red in color,  so it can be paired with basically any shirt or suit.  This tie provides a microfiber construction that is soft as silk.  The Denny Plaid Tie by Silk Rhino Neckwear measures  3.5" x 58.0",  and can be purchased for only $17.95.  This tie is also available in Purple Microfiber that sports lines of Purple,  Orange and Teal and in Light Blue Microfiber. also offers a nice selection of ties for young boys including:  solid colors,  fun prints,  plaid,  and even some cartoon figures.  You have the option of choosing a clip on tie,  or a normal necktie,  but I think clip on ties are easier for children.  They offer a particular clip on tie that I absolutely fell in love with!  The Sesame Stack 14 inch Clipon Tie features all three of my sons favorite Sesame Street Characters-Elmo,  Grover,  and Oscar the Grouch.  Sesame Street characters on a children tie,  now that's too cute! 

Besides neckties they also offer accessories to go along with them.   You will find Collar Bars,  Cufflinks,  Grooming & Travel Products,  Pocket Hankies,  Pocket Squares,  Tie Bars & Tie Clips,  Tie Chains,  Tie Tacs,  and wallets.  Be sure to "Like" on their Facebook Fan Page and Twitter,   to keep up to date on future promotions,  and news from 

*Disclaimer-  Ties.Com has agreed to provide me with a tie of my choice in order to provide this review of their site and products.  In no way does this alter my opinions of their products.  All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*