Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bright Starts

Bright Starts has always been one of my favorite brands for baby gear and toys.  They are an excellent baby brand that offers everything from Playards to Booster Seats and Pottys.  Bright Starts first started out in 1969,  when a grandmother(their founder) came up with an idea to keep infants from slipping in the bathtub.  Since then,  they have added a long list of innovative items,  and their company continues to expand,  becoming one of the most popular brands for baby products on the market.  Bright Starts is a registered trademark of Kids 11 Inc.

 I was recently givin the opportunity to review one of their awesome baby toys.  Bright Starts sent me a Start Your Senses My Little Flip Phone to review with my 14 month old son.  I instantly knew this toy would be a huge hit with my son because he loves talking on the phone.  He even plays "pretend" phone by placing his hand to his ear and saying "Hello".  As soon as the phone rings in my house he is the first one to say "hello",  it's too cute!

The Start Your Senses My Little Flip Phone is brightly colored to catch their attention,  it sure caught my sons!  The colors are perfect for a little boy,  although it suits a little girl as well.  This wonderful toy helps develop your babies senses by lights,  colors,  sounds and textures.  The Bright Starts Flip Phone comes with 4 fun buttons that light up and play sound effects when pressed.  It also comes with a mirror for self discovery.

My son enjoyed using the phone as a teether,  due to the fact he is constantly teething.  Located on the bottom of the phone is a bead chaser on a high contrast handle,  which provides added fun.  This toy is the perfect size to place in your purse or diaper bag to bring with you on the go.  It kept my son entertained while in the waiting room waiting for his check up appointment.  My baby is fourteen months and enjoys playing with this toy,  although it is recommended for ages 3 months and older. You can purchase this very affordable toy for only $4.99 online at Bright Starts, or on

*Disclaimer- Bright Starts provided me with a toy to review.  In no way did this alter my opinion of their products.  All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*