Saturday, July 16, 2011

Screen Candy


Screen Candy is a fun little site where you can purchase "decorations" to personalize your screens. The "decorations" are actually non adhesive,  clings (Bonbons)  that are totally safe and will not harm your screens.  These innovative clings can be placed on your phone,  tablet screens, computer,  or flat screen,  and actually help protect them.  They also work on wine glasses and any other glasses,  and are a great way to mark your glass,  so everyone else knows that it is yours.  Screen Candy is made out of specialized, non-invasive,  non-damaging vinyl-derivative material. 

Screen Candy sent me a pack of Hawaiian Sunset and a pack of Happy World.  The Happy World pack includes 5 fun Bonbons including a: Flower,  Rainbow,  Cupcake,  Heart, and a Smiley Face.  This pack sells for only $3.99,  which is think is a very reasonable price.  My children had a lot of fun decorating our computer screen and daddy's phone.  This particular set of Bonbons come with a clear background so you can see right through it which makes it nice! 

The "Hawaiian Sunset" looked more like a regular sticker.  This set sells for $4.99 which costs a dollar more than the other set they sent me to review.  I am not really sure why because I like the other set a little better.  The Hawaiian Sunset features the five following tropical Bonbons: Palm Trees,  Dolphins,  Flip Flops,  Flower,  and a Wave.  They are all light yellow,  light blue,  light orange,  and white in color.  I chose to use these to decorate my wine bottle for a party I was hosting.  They really helped bring my wine bottle to "life"!

Bonbons are simple and very easy to use.  First,  you need to make sure that the screen/surface is completely clean and dry before applying the decals.   Peel off the Bonbon from the packaging and then place it on a smooth surface.  After that press gently in a circular motion to remove any air bubbles.  Wondering what the QR code is?  The QR code can be scanned by your phone,  and will then allow you to  instantly access information.  You will not have to type information such as web addresses,  phone numbers,  and mobile text responses.

To learn more about Screen Candy be sure to visit them on their site,  follow them on Twitter, and check them out on Facebook

*Disclaimer- Screen Candy sent me a couple items to review.  In no way did this alter my opinion of their products.  All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*