Friday, July 8, 2011

Kushy Foot

I love shoes off all types,  but I especially enjoy wearing flats,  because they are comfortable yet stylish.  The only trouble with wearing flats is finding socks that will fit them(without showing).  That's where Kushy Foot comes in!  They offer socks that will fit perfectly with your flats or heels,  so you will never have to go sock searching again.  Kushy Foot also offer Flats To Go,  and even Men's Socks.

Kushy Foot provides hosiery that incorporates the art of reflexology,  which helps massage your your feet with each and every step that you take. No matter if you are wearing an open toe shoe,  heels,  or flats,  they are sure to have the perfect sock to go along with them!   Kushy Foot sent me two of their fashionable products to review.  I received a pair of Lace Foot Covers,  along with a fashionable pair of Flats To Go.  I couldn't wait to slip them on my feet and give them a try.

I love the pair of Foot Lace Covers that I received in the color light pink(my favorite color).  They also come in Black,  Ivory,  White,  and Nude. I think the nude color is perfect because it matches basically anything.  These socks fit sizes 5-9,  which is perfect for me because I wear a size 7 1/2 to 8 1/2, depending upon how the sizes run.  The Foot Lace Cover is made out of 87% Nylon, and  13% Elastane,  to make for a perfect fit. 

The first thing I noticed about the Lace Foot Cover is the cushion inside the sock that protects and comforts your feet as you walk.  To make for a dressier look you can let your lacy little sock peak through your favorite pair of heels, or flats.  You simply slip them on ,  walk around and wallah,  your feet feel pampered all day long!  These feminine lacy socks will allow your feet to breathe and are extremely comfortable. You can purchase a pack of three for only $11.97,  which is definitely worth the price.

Kushy Foot also sent me a pair of their stylish Snakeprint Flats To Go to review.  I was especially excited because my new socks would go perfectly with the pair of flats they sent me.  I received a pair of trendy gray snakeprint Flats To Go.  They came folded up in a small clear plastic carrier complete with a little plastic handle.  You save the tote and then use it to store them in when you are not wearing them.  They also fit perfectly inside your purse.  The pair I received is a size 9-10,  which is a little large for me,  but the extra room made them even more comfortable. 

The Flats To Go are intended to be worn when your feet are tired and sore from wearing heels all day. You simply take them out of your purse and slip them on  your feet.  They provide instant relief top your soar achy feet,  which is a major plus for me.  They come in very handy when your driving too.  Before driving,  I slip off my heels and slip on my flats then when I arrive at my destination I slip them off and put my heels back on.  This is perfect for me because I hate driving in heels.  They also come in a trendy zebra print,  alligator print,  and a few solid colors.  You can purchase a pair of Kushy Foot Flats To Go for only $9.99,  which is extrememly affordable,  and worth the little price tag!

*Disclaimer- I received a couple of Kushy Foot products to review.  In no way did this alter my opinion of their products.  All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*


Kittas said...

Oh I like these and they are pretty! I love your nail polish too! lol Kim Davis,