Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Twooth Timer

A Recent study found young adults spent less than 35 seconds brushing their teeth,  yet the recommended brushing time by experts is two minutes.   It can be such a struggle at times,  trying to get children to brush their teeth for the proper amount of time.  For the most part,  my children are really good at willingly brushing their teeth,  but sometimes they don't brush their teeth long enough because they don't really know exactly how long they should be brushing their teeth.   The Twooth Timer eliminates any question about how long your children should be brushing their teeth.  The Twooth Timer is actually shaped just like a tooth.

Using The Twooth Timer is very simple and easy to use.  You simply turn the top to the '2' and begin brushing.  As soon as two minutes is up the bell will ring to notify you that you have brushed your teeth for the proper amount of time.  The Twooth Timer really turned my children's tooth brushing time into "fun" time,  and motivates them to brush their teeth.  It is recommended by dentists and hygienists,  and has been seen on many leading Magazines,  Newspapers,   and even on TV!  You would think it would require batteries,  but no batteries are required! 

This helpful device helps reduce dental bills by improving dental hygiene.   You can purchase The Twooth Timer for only $10.99!  Now,  that is a good deal!  It was developed for children,  but can also be used on Adults.  I am sure there are plenty of adults out there that do not brush their teeth for the proper amount of time,  so this would come in very handy for them.  The Twooth Timer has a new permanent home on top of our bathroom counter,  so it is ready any time my children brush their teeth.  Using The Twooth Timer during tooth brush time has become a ritual in my household! 

My children even came up with a nick name for it,  Mr. Twooth is what they call it!  I know too cute,  huh!  It helps keep my children's gums and teeth nice and healthy,  while ensuring me that they are brushing their teeth,  for the correct amount of time.  Not only that,  but it really helps children get interested in brushing their teeth,  and keeping up a healthy tooth brushing regimen.  My children won't brush their teeth without it,  which isn't a problem because it is very portable,  so they can take it on sleepovers,  or anywhere they may be going where they would need to brush their teeth. 

The Twooth Timer is also sold in a kit that includes The Twooth Timer,   Toothbrush,  and a booklet.  They also offer a Twooth Pocket Pal,  Twoothy T Temporary Tattoos,  and a Ready Set Brush Booklet.  You can purchase them on their site,  or on other online stores.  To learn more about them visit them on their Online Site or on their Blog.  Also,  be sure to "Like" them on their Facebook Fan Page, and follow them on their Twitter Fan Page

*Disclaimer- Twooth Timer sent me a product to review.  In no way did this alter my opinion of their products.  All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*



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