Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Race Fund

I recently had the opportunity to review a wonderful book for children,  along with a wonderful website devoted to animals.  The Race Fund,  which stands for Retirement Assistance and Care for Equines,  helps benefit thouroughbred horses,  racetrack pony horses,  owners and trainers.  They help preserve the lives of many horses and racetrack ponies who can no longer race by helping fund their care and well being while being transitioned to retirement and adoption.   Today,  many horses in the United States are bring sent to slaughter houses when their racing days are over due to a injury,  age,  or non performance.  The R.A.C.E. Fund  helps save the horses from being sent to a cruel death by providing the financial means to do so,  and educating others. 
Below,  is a poem that I pulled from the website. 

A THOROUGHBRED'S PLEA I gave you all I had with every breath and stride
Running as fast and long as I could to abide
Sometimes I disappointed you, I sensed to well
When I ran out of the money or my fragile legs would swell
Around the oval, I can no longer bear or endure
Racing has finally taken its toll and ended my career
I beg you dear owner, please do not send me down an uncertain road
Passing me from cruel hand to cruel hand, left to suffer and all alone
Spare me from the horrendous journey to slaughter and certain death
Instead, I pray you will send me to a safe home and grant my request
Let me roam the pastures and never know hunger, thirst or pain
My life is in your hands my faithful owner, please protect me I proclaim.
© 2003 MM

Cherie Morlock is the author of a soon to be realeased book called "A Beautiful Husky Needs A Home."  A book she created in honor of her adopted Husky breed dog.  This beautifully illistrated book is illustrated by Tim Predzimirski.  Cherie Morlock dedicated this amazing book to her loving mother and father would always supported her,  and let her follow her own path.  She also dedicates the book to all homeless pets and shelter animals everywhere and of course her first pet dog,  Runa.

The book is centered around a Siberian Husky bred dog named "Runa".  The story starts out with the dog living in an animal orphanage.  It explains to children where homeless dogs and animals go in a simple way that they can understand.  My seven year old was very interested in the story and kept asking me about homeless pets and animal shelters,  as we never really discussed the issue prior to reading this book.  The first family thinks he is too large,while the next family thinks he is too small, all while Runa patiently awaits to be loved by a family of her own. 

That is until a lady(Cherie) visits the animal orphanage on the last day and decides to adopt her.  She decides to name her Runa since she already says "Roo" as a greeting.  This wonderful story is actually a book that was written by Cherie herself!  Cherie adopted Runa is December of 1995, when Runa was only six month old and have lived together ever since.  She continues to write stories,  and has even started a fund for assisting rescue groups and individuals,  with pet health care costs in times of emergencies and pet care maintenace.  15 years later and both Cherie and Luna are living together and being spoiled by Cherie. 

Cherie would like to  send a very special birthday shoutout to her daughter KIRA,  and a big kiss from Runa!  H-A-P-P-Y B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y!!!

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 *Disclaimer - I received a book,  candle,  and necklace to review and Cherie sponsored my giveaway.  In no way did this alter my opinon of her products.  All of my opinons are one hundred percent honest and true.*