Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ritz Crackers


I have always been a fan of Nabisco since I was just a young girl.  As I grew older it has remained to be one of my favorite brands,  so of course I jumped at the opportunity to review three  products from Nabisco!  I was sent three boxes of  RITZ Crackerfuls,  one each of the following flavors:  Sharp Cheddar,  Garden Vegetable,  and Garlic Herb.  I was somewhat hesitant at trying the Garlic Herb and the Garden Vegetable as they are not flavors that I typically eat on crackers, but I actually ended up liking the Garden Vegetable flavor the best!

Now,  not only am I a huge Cracker fan,  but so are my three sons,  so they helped me give them a taste test!   The Sharp Cheddar with a huge hit with my children,  which didn't surprise me because my kids love anything with cheese!  The think I like about them is that they are not overly salty like some crackers,  and they are full of flavor.   The cracker is made with real cheese and the multigrain cracker really compliments the filling well.  Each Nabisco Crackerfuls Multigrain Cracker  features a fresh crispy outside with soft cheese in between.

Each Ritz Multigrain Crackerfuls contain five grams of fiber and eight grams of whole grain in every serving.  They definitely filled us up between meals and make a perfect snack for our entire family.   Be sure to check out the Cheese it up App from crackerfuls.  It will allow you to turn any bad picture into a awesome picture! Just go to  and then click on the Crackerfuls tab to share a little wholesome fun,  and give someone you know a little something to smile about! 

The thing that surprised me the most about these crackers is actually the size!  They are about as big as a candy bar,  so they are definitely not lacking in the size department.  To me,  these crackers were noticeably better than other than other packaged cheese and cracker products.  These crackers make a perfect snack to bring along with you while on the go. I like to put a few in my sons diaper bag,  so he has a yummy snack ready for him any time he may want it.  My children love snacking on them and I am sure yours will too!

Ritz Crackerfuls come in six different tasty flavors:
  1. Sharp Cheddar
  2. Garden Vegetable
  3. Garlic Herb
  4. Four Cheese
  5. Classic Cheddar
  6. Cheddar Cheese & Bacon

Buy It: - You can purchase a box of six individually wrapped Nabisco Crackerful Multigrain Crackers at Walmart, or many other local stores near you! 

*Disclaimer- I received three boxes of Ritz Crackers to review.  In no way did this alter my opinion of their products.  All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*


Ronalee said...

I love these crackers. I have been spoiled lately because I have been getting them for only $1 per box. Right now I only have two crackers left, so it looks like I have to pay full price on the next box.