Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Funday - Giveaways!

Until a couple months ago I would occassionally enter a giveaway,  but  I recently decided to start entering giveaways,  here and there,  when I get  a chance.  Before I knew it,  giveaway wins were rolling into my inbox.  Because it takes a while for the giveaway to end,  I sometimes forget what giveaways I have entered until I receive a winning notification in my inbox,  and believe me they are very exciting!  Below is a list of prizes and blogs that I won them on.  Hey,  I have to give credit where credit is due!  You should check out the blogs and enter some of their giveaways too!

2Boys + 1Girl + 1 Crazy Mom - I won three giveaways on this site:
1. Three 60 Gear Tee Shirt of my choice. Of course my hubby chose the Koby Lakers Tee~!
2. Chicken Soup For the Soul - I gave this book to my mother and she loves it!
3. Bob The Biulder DVD - My kids enjoy watching this DVD over and over!

Blissful Reviews - I won a Gummi Lump Prize Pack that contained
I love the mouse pad, while my children love listening to the CD,  and watching the DVD.

A to Z For Moms Like Me - I won a $25 Applebees Gift Card. 
I havent had a chance to use it yet,  but me and my hubby plan on using it for a date night!

oh my gosh, Beck! - I won a Trespassers Book.
 I do not usually read books,  but this one looked like a great read.  I can't wait to receive it.

Koupon Krazed - Cars 2 Prize Pack
~Cars Tee Shirt
~Cars Bumper Stickers
~Cars Temporary Tattoos
~Cars Puzzle
My children are all CARS fans!  We are still waiting for this awesome prize pack to arrive.

MI Savings Mama - I won two awesome giveaways!
1. Bengay Cold Therapy
2. Field of Vision Movie Pack that contained:
~Collectors Tin
~Digital Camcorder
I am very excited about this win!  I am looking forward to receiving it!

Heavenly Savings - Kung Fu Panda 2 Prize Pack that contained:
~Spin Toy
~Honey Nut Cherrios
~Kung Fu 2 Panda DVD
I just won this yesterday!  I now my entire family will enjoy the cereal because we are huge cereal fanatics.  My kids are going to enjoy watching the movie and they will more than likely fight over the toy! We can't wait to receive this awesome prize pack!

A big thanks to all the blogs mentioned above, for hosting all of these wonderful Giveaways!