Friday, August 12, 2011

Avery School Products


Before we know it summer will be over and it will be time for our children to return to school,  many of your chidren have probably already started back to school.  Are you still thinking about back to school items?  I like to try to purchase it ahead of time because I will still have allot of back to school clothes shopping to do.  It seems like the supplies needed for school grow and grow each year!  My son comes home with a long list of school supply items that we need to send him to school with.

AVERY offers everything you need to send your little one to school supplied and ready to start learning.  They even offers scrapbooking and craft supplies including: T-Shirt Transfers,  Magnet Sheets,  Printable Fabric,  and many other fun products.    This year I will be sending my son to school with an AVERY binder,  complete with dividers,  and glue sticks- compliments of AVERY!  My son is always in need of glue sticks.  It seems like no matter how many I buy him he is always running out and needing more.

The  is a plain white color which is perfect because it matches well with basically anything!  The Heavy Duty Binder is PVC free and the chipboard is made out of 100% recycled content.  The AVERY brightly colored insertable dividers were easy to insert,  and keep his entire binder very organized.  This will make it easy for him to keep everything in it's correct place,  and exactly where he needs it.  The glue sticks are a great adhesive,  and work perfectly at keeping my sons projects together.  They sent us a pack of four that are completely non toxic,  washable,  and acid free.

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