Friday, August 12, 2011


A month ago if I was asked what Vamplets are I wouldn't have the slightest clue!  Ask me that today and I would tell you they are some of the cutest little monsters I have ever laid my eyes on,  only problem is they may have their eyes on me!    With pointy ears,  blood shot eyes,  sporting bats and spiders in their hair,  they are definitely not your average stuffed animal!  Feed  your vampire addiction with these evil little baby Vamplets,  but beware they are blood thirsty and need to be fed their bottle of blood often,  or they might get hungry,  too hungry if you know what I mean! 


The Vamplets Family Consists of Three Boys and Three Girls.  Let me introduce you to them if you dare!
  • Count Vlad Von Gloom - An arrogant little monster that likes to throw temper tantrums. It shouldnt surprise you though because he descended from a direct line that goes all the way back to the one and only Count Dracula!
  • Evilyn Nocturna - Blessed with visionary powers she can predict your every move so be careful!
  • Lily Rose Shadowlyn - Although she shares and plays well with others she also has a dark side to her!  You might just want to keep some black apple sauce on hand to appease her.
  • Midnight Mori - A bossy little Vamplet that always has to get her way!
  • Cadaverson Nightshade - A busy little inventor always thinking up new ways to frighten people!
  •  Burton Kreepson Jr. - This artistic little monster loves to finger paint with blood!

As soon as my Vamplet arrived I couldn't wait to open it up to see which Vamplet they sent me.  As soon as I opened the box,  this is what I found:

Believe it or not it is a "undeath" certificate which included a cute little button attached that reads "Got Blood?".  As soon as I read the undeath certificate I knew to expect an heinous little creature... I just didn't have a clue how cute it was going to be!  After I lifted up the light pink tissue paper and the undeath certificate I found a wicked little Vamplet named Mindnight Mori  staring at me with green rings around her red blood shot eyes.   She came packaged in a cute little coffin box perfect for storing your mischievous little Vamplet in.  They couldn't come with cuter packaging,  even the box it shipped in came with a cute Vamplets sticker on the outer box. 

 Each Vamplet comes complete with it's very own little coffin,  undeath certificate,  and Got Blood Pin.  Each Vamplet is unique in it's very own way and has it's own little personality.  The Vamplet I received(Midnight Mori) personality seems to fit me almost to a tee!  You see she is bossy and always wants her way,  quite similar to how I am!  She is a leader and does not like to be told no,  sounds just like me! 

This 9.5 inch plush stuffed doll features a big pink bow,  complete with a skull on it,  that rests on top of her head.  Too add to it's detail,  Midnight Mori sports a skull printed diaper,  a bracelet that reads "bad",  and two frightening fangs that hang from her frown.  She should be put to rest in her coffin during the day and then in her crib during the night.  She gets hungry,  so make sure you have her bottle of blood on hand.  I also received a bottle of their Disappearing blood which works with a single tilt of the bottle.  The blood in the bottle magically disappears as you tilt it and then reappear as you tilt it back for lots of fun! 

Please keep in mind Vamplets are not toys and should not be given to children under the age of fourteen.  Vamplets make a great gift for any teenager,  vampire lover,  or anyone with a twisted sense of humor!  In addition to the six Vamplet dolls they also offer cute tee shirts and onsies,  and buttons.  Vamplets website is just as wicked as the dolls visit Gloomania and while your their check out the nursery,  and don't forget to check out their shop.  While your there,   adopt a little monster of your own,  if you dare! 

BUY IT:  You can purchase a Vamplet for $19.95.  You may also want to purchase a bottle of disappearing blood for $5.95,  so your little Vamplet doesn't go hungry because afterall that's the least thing you want to happen,  right!  Best of all if you spend $35 or more on their website you will receive FREE shipping,   so why not start your collection off with two instead of one! 

*Disclaimer - Vamplets sent me my very own Vamplet to review along with a bottle of disappearing blood. In no way did this alter my opinion of their products.  All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*