Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back to School with Tiny Prints

So today was my oldest sons first day of the second grade,  and he went to school equipped with everything and anything he could of possibly needed...atleast I thought!  As soon as I took a look at Tiny Prints I knew he was definently missing out on some great back to school items.  First of all lets start out with the customized photo notebook.  In the past,  some of his school supplies have become lost,  but i'm sure if he had a personalized notebook everyone would know it was his and return it to him.  I also never even thought about it,  but sometimes it's the little things that matter the most.  Have you ever thought of purchasing lunch box notes,  they make a great way to connect with your child during the day while they are away from you.  Lunch box notes can help build self asteem,  and lets face it when children are that age teaching them self asteem is very important.

As the hot summer days wind down children every where start perparing to go back to school.  Every beginning of August we make a to- do -list of everything we need to accomplish before he goes back to school.  We hit the going back to school sales,  so we can get good deals on all of his going back to school essentials.  Shopping for school clothes is something that I enjoy doing because I'm well...a shopoholic!  One very important thing my child does to prepare for the start of the school year is get back into the routine of going to bed extra early.  If he doesnt get enough sleep at night he will wake up cranky and not as focused as usual.  He is able to learn so much more when he is well rested. 

My son always picks out his favorite outfit and pair of shoes to wear on his first day back.  Last year he had to abide by a strict dress code,  but this year he is allowed to wear shirts with fun prints and characters,  so it really make school clothes shopping more exciting for my child.  The night before we set everything out and prepare everything,  so it will all be ready. We make him his favorite cold lunch including a peanut butter and jelly sandwich,  apple,  and a capri sun,  so he can have it ready to take with him in the morning.  Today I woke him up bright and early and kissed him on his head.  I packed his lunch in his backpack and everything that he would need,  set his glasses out,  and saw him to his classroom.  I can't believe my little guy is already a second grader! 

I wish I would have known about Tiny Prints Stationary  products,  before I went school supply shopping for my son.  They offer back to superior stationary items for all grades including Kindergarden,  Elementary,  Jr High School & High School,  and even College!  No matter if your shopping for Kid's,  Teen's,  Teachers,  or Yourself they offer something for everyone.  While browsing their selection of back to school items something really stood out to me,  something that I never even though about,  allergy cards!  The Allergy cards are personalized cards that make others aware if a threatening allergy your child has.  This would come in especially handy for my son because he is severly allergic to bees. 

I never really thought about it much,  but personalized labels would be perfect to mark my sons school belongings with including his pencil case,  binder,  and lunch bags.  Another cool thing I thought about while on their site is making a photo book dedicated to back to school pictures.  I think it would be a lot of fun to create and include not only pictures of our kids,  but also some of our back to school photos as well.    It would make a great keepsake to pass down to them perhaps when they graduate.  If you havent already,  be sure to check out Tiny Prints selection of back to school items,  because your child can never have too many school supplies!

*Disclaimer - Tiny Prints is providing me with a $50 gift card in exchange for a review of their site.  In no way did this alter my opinon of their products.  All of my opinons are one hundred percent honest and true.*