Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Set the Mood with Eden Fantasys

Let Eden Fantasys help set the mood in your bedroom with their rejuvinating massage oils and candles.  Picture this a Champagne Lights candle glistening with just enough light as you massage your partners back with some of their seductive Sensous Massage Oil.  I don't know about you,  but that would definently set the mood in my bedroom,  and lately it has!   And,  if you wanted to add to the fun you could even throw in a toy or two,  for a fun escapade between the sheets.  If your looking for products to entice your partner,  you will definetly find it on Eden Fantasys

After being together for almost nine years,  bedroom time has become somewhat of a routine,  but not anymore since we have Eden Fantasys to help spice it up!  If you follow my blog,  by now you know Eden is the number one site to shop for adult toys.  They offer everything to turn up the romance in your relationship including  erotic book and dvd collections,  adult toys,  sexy lingerie,  entertaining party favors and gags,  and my favorite sensual love products.    I recently went shopping on their site and two items in particular caught my eye,  the Champagne Lights Romantic Candle and the Sensous Massage Oil,  so of course I had to have them!

I must say the Massage Oil paired nicely with the candle,  to create a very romantic feel in our bedroom.  The Romantic Candle is just that and more!  It filled our room with a  very mild sweet vanilla aroma that lingered for a little while after we blew it out.  I chose the French Vanilla scent since French Vanilla is my favorite scent,  but I have also tried the Champagne Rain.  This lovely candle is also available in Midnight Romance and Apples and Cinnamon(the next flavor I plan on trying). 

Did I mention that this candle contains special pheremones that help enhance your mood.  Not only does it help set the mood in your bedroom,  it also makes a great candle to burn while taking a nice hot relaxing bath.  Unlike other candles this candle contains colored wax like crystals,  instead of the normal form of candle wax.  Each candle comes with a metal lid so you can place it on the candle when not in use to prevent the candle from getting dusty.  You can purchase a Romantic Candle for only $6.00.  I noticed that it is currrently out of stock,  but do not worry... out of stock items on Eden Fantasys website are available before you know it!  You can sign up to be notified when the product becomes available again,  which is what I usually do or if you dont feeling like waiting you can purchase one of thier other splendid candles. 

When it came to try out the Sensuous Massage Oil,   I couldnt wait.  I had been looking for a good excuse for a back massage and I finally had one!  The first thing I noticed was the pleasent scent of the Passion Fruit scented massage oil.  It had almost a nutty type of smell to it,  which is something that especially attracts me to the scent.  It is packaged in a nice little 4.5 ounce bottle complete with the logo scrolled on the purple and white label. 

The Sensuous Massage oil gluided across my husbands skin,  so I didnt have to put as much effort into the massage as usual.  My h-=usband and I both took turns massaging each others back with this divine massage oil.  The thing we both noticed was that our skin was luxourishly soft afterward.  It isn't greasy like some other brands can be and it actually helps moisturize and condition your skin,  leaving it looking and feeling healthy.  My skin had a nice shine to it and really helped rejuvinate it. 

After using the Massage Oil I took a shower and it surprisingly came off very easlily.  This massage oil provides the touch of a professional massage without the expensive price!   I liked it so much I have even purchased a couple extra to give as gifts.  I think it would fit perfectly into any relaxation or spa gift basket.  Oh yeah,  and another great thing about this product is that it is made from organically pure ingredients including essential oils,  and theraputic herbal extracts.  This massage oil helps ease sore achy mucscles,  which is probably due to the theraputic herbals extracts that it contains.  This all natural candle will last for twelve hours,  providing you with long lasting flame! 

BUY IT:  You can purchase a 4.5 ounce bottle of Sensous Massage Oil or a Romantic Candle for only $6.00 each.  That means you can purchase both items together for only $12.00.  If you spend $59 or more you will receive FREE 3-5 day shipping.  If not,   you will only pay a flat shipping rate of $5.95.

*Disclaimer - Eden Fantasys is providing me  with a $55 Gift Card in exchange for a review.  In no way did this alter my opinon of their products.  All of my opinons are one hundred percent honest and true.*


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