Wednesday, August 3, 2011

BEN 10 Ultimate Alien DVD

My oldest son is seven years old and loves watching Ben 10,  he even has a Ben 10 pair of shoes.  He wore the shoes so much he wore a hole in them,  so I guess it's time we buy him another pair of Ben 10 shoes!  I recently was givin an opportunity to review  Cartoon Network  newest release in the volume three series of Ben 10.  Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Volume 3: The Return of Heatblast is the latest installment in the series,  in which Ben faces a rematch,  Elena appears with a new flock of nanochips and it's up to Ben 10 super fan Jimmy Jones to save the day.   In this DVD Ben has to face his past, as enemies come back looking for trouble.   Good thing Ben 10 has so many friends to watch his back! 

This DVD is hotter than ever and definitely will bring the extra heat to your summer fun!  The Ben 10 cartoon is not only popular with my children,  but also with boys ages 6 - 14,  as it has ranked the number one show  on Friday nights,  according to Nielsen Media Research.  This exciting DVD was just released on August 2nd and runs for an entire 225 minutes.  It is packed full of plenty episodes that will keep you children entertained episode after episode.   It's no wonder why this cartoon is one of Cartoon Networks most beloved series!

The Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Volume 3 DVD includes 10 fun episodes from the series 2nd edition including:
  • The Transmogrification of Eunice
  • The Eye of The Beholder
  • The Big Story
  • Viktor: The Spoils
  • Girl Trouble
  • Revenge of The Swarm
  • Ben 10,000 Returns
  • The Creature From Beyond
  • Basic Training
  • It's Not Easy Being Gwen

With temperatures reaching 100 degrees,  it is nice to have a DVD for the children to watch that really keeps them entertained while stuck in the house.  Ben 10  Ultimate Alien DVD does just that,  so I pop in the DVD,  while I clean and don't have to worry about the kids getting into anything because they are so into what will happen next on the DVD.  I was amazed by how quiet they were,  as the cartoon keeps them so captivated by what is going on in the cartoon.  Will Jimmy be able to save the day and rescue the entire team from a vicious alien plant series?  You won't know until you watch the DVD,  so be sure to pick up the two disc DVD set and find out! 

BUY IT:  You can purchase this 2 disc DVD set for only $19.99.

Be sure to check out the Cartoon Network website and sign up for a free account.  You will be able to play fun games,  find out when your favorite Cartoon Network shows air,   go shopping on the Cartoon Network Shop,  and much more!
*Disclaimer - I received the DVD mentioned above for review purposes.  In no way did this alter my opinion of their products.  All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*


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