Sunday, August 14, 2011

Five Finger Tees

With Football season right around the corner,  men are gathering around and starting to put together their Fantasy Football leagues,  my husband included!  That is why I decided to choose this awesome shirt from Five Finger Tees.  Sure,  they have a lot of other styles that caught my eye,  but I knew my husband would really appreciate this shirt,  and he sure did!  Now he did not win last year,  but that doesn't mean he cant win this year,  he may just end up a FFL legend,  who knows! 

I decided to surprise my husband with this shirt because I knew he would be tickled to no end to receive it.   This is now one of his very favorite shirts which does not surprise me one bit because he is so into fantasy football leagues.  If your totally clueless as to what a fantasy football league is let me tell you.  A group of men each choose their own squad,  create and join leagues,  then pick their team each week.  It's becoming quite popular with football loving fans,  including my husband,  who loves playing it each season. 

Five Finger Tees kindly provided me with a shirt to review on my husband.  I ordered him a size XXL because he is pretty tall and it was true to size.  Ordering a size XXL or XXXL will run you $2.00 extra,  which is totally worth the couple extra bucks if you need a very large size.  The shirt fit him perfectly and the material was soft and comfortable.  If I can sneak it away from him I may have to use it as a sleeping shirt one night soon. 

The shirt is gray with bright blue lettering,  although it comes in numerous other colors , and can even be purchased in women's. It is made out of soft,  preshrunk 100 percent cotton and is not at all thin.  This shirt will last quite a while because the material is thicker than usual.  The Fantasy Football Legend T- Shirt, I am sure would be any Fantasy Football Leagues dream shirt!   While I loved this shirt,   I also loved some of their other very humorous styles. 

This shirt screams Me!!! 
This Shirt(below) totally reflects my sense of humor!
Camping is in tents, not in motorhomes, or cabins,  get it straight!

This tee shirt site is actually a lot more toned down compared to other tee shirt sites on the web,  so it can be enjoyed by almost anyone.  But,  if you are into offensive shirts they also offer plenty of those type of shirts as well.   All of their shirts are sorted into categories,  so you can find exactly what your in the market for , without having to search around their entire site before finding it!  No matter if you are in search of sports shirts,  animal shirts,  or party shirts,  they have it all!  Like to take chances?  Well,  you can purchase a mystery tee,  for only $4.99.  If you would like to purchase the Fantasy Football Legend T-Shirt you can buy it for only $9.99,  on Five Finger Tees Website.

*Disclaimer - Five Finger Tees provided me with a product for review purposes.  In no way did this alter my opinion of their products.  All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*