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Ever having trouble sleeping at night,  or trying to take a nap and relax?  Well, then I have the perfect product for you!  Let me introduce you to SOUND+SLEEP,  a sleep therapy system designed to relax your body and mind,  with peaceful sounds to lull you to sleep.  It is the only sleep therapy  system that listens to your environment and automatically adjusts sound levels.  The SOUND+SLEEP Sleep Therapy System is a reliable product that is doctor recommended. 

Are you aware that not getting enough sleep can significantly effect your health,  performance and safety?  It can effect your performance at work,  memory and cognitive impairment,  your relationship, your ability of driving an automobile,   and your overall quality of life.  Have you ever not got a good nights sleep and then been cranky the next day?  Well,  I have many times, but not anymore now that I own a SOUND+SLEEP Sleep Therapy System! 

If you know me,  then you know I am a night owl and I have always been a night owl.  It usually takes me a while to wind down at night.  I'm not one of those persons that can just lay down and fall right to sleep although I am now so I was looking forward to trying out the SOUND+SLEEP machine.  Hey,  anything that would help me get a good night sleep would be a huge help!  I was so grateful that Adaptive Sound Technologies sent me a SOUND+SLEEP Machine to review! 

The first day I received the machine my hubby and I decided to try it out.  As soon as we were ready for bed we set up the sleep machine,  and by set up I actually mean plugged in.   That's all the set up it required...I know too easy, huh!  The machines itself is shaped like a raindrop and black in color,  so it matches perfectly with anything in your room.  The buttons are a shiny silver color so they really stand out. 

The SOUND+SLEEP machine comes with 10 relaxing sound settings including: Train,  City,  Rainfall,  Brook,  Meditation,  White Noise,  Waterfall, Fireplace,  Ocean,  and Meadow.  My personal favorite is the Fireplace,  which reminds me of a crackling camp fire.  I always really enjoy listening to the ocean,  I can just picture the majestically rolling waves,  upon beautiful white sands.  I was surprised by how realistic all of the settings sounded. 

You are able to control the volume,  and richness of the sound.  The SOUND+SLEEP Sleep Therapy System also has a timer, that you can set to turn off in 30 minutes up to an entire 120 minutes(2hours) .  Something that really stood out to me about the SOUND+SLEEP machine is that it when back ground increases,  so does the volume of the sound to help drown out the disturbing noises.  It is perfect for anyone that suffers from sleep disorders,  and even helps with sinusitis.  Matter of fact,  you can also use it to help soothe your baby to sleep. 

The sounds are very tranquil and serene,  which will ease you to sleep allowing you to get the rest that you need.   So why not take your mind on a peaceful journey,  and purchase a SOUND+Sleep Sleep Therapy System! 

BUY IT:  You can purchase a SOUND+SLEEP sleep therapy system for $99.95. 


janetfaye said...

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I would like to win this for my son, who has trouble sleeping through the night.

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kellyr78 said...

I follow you on GFC(kellyr78) and I woukld like to win this because now that my kids are older I need something to play white noise again to help me sleep.


eclairre said...

I have trouble getting to sleep and this would help. i follow

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want to win for fussy baby Lola who can't sleep without some kind of noise
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mendyd said...

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I would love to win because I have trouble going to sleep every night. I would love to hear the ocean or campfire to see if it would help me relax and drift off to sleep faster.

Thanks for the chances.
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~ April ~ EnchantedDandelions said...

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I would love to win this for my 5yo son who has frequent night terrors and sleepwalking spells. I think it is due in part to stress and anxiety (as he has sensory issues, along with ASD). I'm thinking if he was more calm and relaxed when he fell asleep, he'd stay asleep longer. Thanks for the opportunity!

Mary Casper said...

want to win for my nephews who keep my brother up half the night

Sherrie said...

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I would love to win this for my granddaughter. She sleeps fitfully sometimes and could use a little help sleeping through the night.

NW Homesteader said...

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I would love to get away from the tv at night! I have to have noise to sleep!

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I think this would be great to help my daughter sleep
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Kim said...

I am Kim Davis on GFC I would love to win this because I suffer terribly at night I never sleep through the night and havent for a long time so this sounds wonderful

DonnaZ said...

I would love to win this because I suffer from severe insomnia.

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HomemadeBaby said...

I follow your blog with GFC (HomeMadeBaby). I would love this because both my girls sleep with sound machines, and we use a loud fan, but I wish I had one!
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mmbear said...

Following you thru GFC as mmbear and we really need something like this. My poor husband is a very light sleeper and wakes up alot. He is on call about once every 6 weeks and they can call all hours of the night and he still has to work his 8 hour shift the next day. So, his sleep is very important!

Jolly said...

i'd like to win this because my hubby needs it soooo bad due to his work! hahaha.
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i'd love to win this for my hubs and me!@ i'd love to try this out and see if it'd help us get a more restful sleep

Julie said...

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my hubby snores horribly!

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Tanya said...

Following via GFC (Tanya Serrao) I would love to try this! I suffer from insomnia and it sounds like it may really help!

Anja M. said...

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I would love to win it, because it sounds like it is really relaxing.

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